How genres of music affects your brain and how it helps stress- Donghoon

Stress and emotional issues are problems that we are facing a lot these days. Most of us know that teachers always recommend to listen to classical music while studying. Some teachers even forbid music with lyrics in them. This issue is important because it is one of the most efficient ways to relieve stress. Music can help improve our mental, and emotional health because listening to music can produce endorphins. Teenagers like us deal with stress and emotional problems regularly.

I learnt that music can help you think and relax. It may also set your mood depending on which genre of music you are listening to. Jazz relaxes you, metal helps you create a strong sense of identity, classical music helps you not to do crime and it also activates a part of your brain which helps you focus, rap helps fight against depression, pop music helps you to keep active, and country music helps you feel happy. Generally, music helps you grow out of stress and emotional problems. I think that because of these facts, people need to listen to all kinds of music to relieve different mental or emotional problems. An interesting fact about music is that music activates many parts of your brain such as auditory, motor and limbic which are all related to emotions. Now I believe that when I feel stressed out, I should listen to different kinds of music. People misunderstand that music can only be helpful for getting you active or excited which is half true. It can get you excited but not always. This influences y thinking about wellness because now I think that I can improve my emotional and mental health by listening to music.Image result for music all kinds