Brain diseases – Ryo

I chose the issue of brain diseases because I thought that learning about brain help my future, like when I get older. This issue is important because many people don’t know how brain diseases affect to our body and how it relate to our death, and we can decrease the amount of risk for brain diseases. In fact there is a lot of kind of brain diseases. Huntington’s disease,

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, All forms of dementia. And these diseases are the cause of disorders of brain, then it affect to our body like trauma to the brain, disease and cancer and abnormal growths. To avoid it, we need to know what are the symptoms of brain disorders, symptoms of them are headaches, memory problems and lack of muscle control.

In conclusion, this issue is important to our life for future, because knowing about brain diseases help us to avoid them, and it makes our life span longer.


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How to relax – Ami

I chose “How to relax” on presentation of topic. Because I think relax is important and it is necessary for us and this topic is interesting for me. We have many stress from everyday life. We need to do relax in a variety of ways. And I think stress influences to our body and mental. So, relax is necessary to us. And I think relax can keep our healthy body. So, I connect this ( How to relax ) topic to wellness then I chose this.

The first I had question “What is relax?” So, I search that definition. Then I found that. Relax is  to remove stress, being less worried and to rest Physicaly and Mentaly by doing something enjoyable. So, we can enjoy relax. I already said, we have lot of stress from everyday life. Everyone has own desire and try to realise it, however it is often the case that it is NOT realised so easily. People feels stress when there is gap between the ideal and actual situations. So, we do relax my own way and we keep our physical and mental conditions. Relax has two different types. One is Physically. The other is Mentally.  Way to relax the mind is there are a lot. For example, enjoying hobby,  laughing,  having positive thinking,  being in natural environment. They are a good way to relax the mind. Next, way to relax body. For example, enough sleep,  A good balance diet,  proper exercising,  talking a deep breath. Finally, I want to say ” Relax is important.” So, please make you own time to relax.