Riho- Why there is ticklish people and non ticklish people

I chose this issue because I have always been wondering why some people are ticklish and some are not and I thought that this was a good time to find it out. This affects me because I am ticklish and my family is ticklish too.  I wonder if ticklish is related to family or some other factor.  I already know that ticklish people can be any gender, any age, and from any countries. My connections is that like I already said, my whole family is ticklish and most of my relatives is ticklish too.This connects to previous learning in wellness because I think it is linked to the question of individual differences of similarity in family.     This is relevant to me because a lot of people may not know why some people are ticklish and some are not. This affects teenagers because some people might be teased or tickled even they don’t want to be teased, and knowing why you are ticklish will help her self esteem and she could tell her friends why she is ticklish.

I learned that people who are ticklish and people who are not ticklish is chosen and depends on that person’s nerves and sensitivity. I also learned that tickle is a kind of phenomena and there are two types. It also said that it is a fear, surprise or a defensive movement is what makes you feel like laughing. Some scientists say some people are ticklish than others because they have more receptors. They say that the touch receptors on your skin feels the moves and the reason why some elder people like 70 years old aren’t ticklish as kids is because about from age twenty, you lose 1% of your receptors every year. This expanded my learning by knowing more about the nerves and the sensitivity on your skin. What I found interesting is that although the receptors decrease 1% every year, ticklish people still feel ticklish. Another thing I thought a was interesting was that being ticklish is inherited. My thinking changed about how you feel the tickle.Some misunderstanding about the topic is that some people think that being ticklish is bad and some people think that it is hilarious to be ticklish. Some solutions to this issue is that telling people how people feel the tickle through social media.This influence my thinking about wellness by knowing why some people are ticklish than others and why some are not ticklish.