Stretching – Andrew Wang

The health issue I would like to present today is stretching. This issue is important because stretching benefits you in a lot of things to your body but people just ignore it. I picked this issue because one time I was too lazy to stretch after my soccer practice, the next day I felt exhausted and couldn’t do anything. This issue affects teenagers because they do not stretch down after they exercise and they think it’s just a thing to make you relax. It affects me because I exercise nearly every day and I want to keep my body functioning the right way.

I learned that stretching helps your muscle rest and recovers after long time of exercise since your muscle will get tight.

Some interesting facts about this issue are:

  1.  It reduces the chance of getting an injury.
  2. Stretching may improve you as an athlete and your performance.
  3. There are different kinds of stretches for different kinds use. For example, dynamic stretching which is a walking or moving motion stretch for warming up.


In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because you’ll probably exercise a lot throughout your life and you will be needing stretches.  To help solve this problem, you can remind other people to stretch as well as yourself.