Kiana – How pets can help you be healthy

I chose this issue because a lot of people have pets and sometimes they have someone else take care of it for them. They don’t know the health benefits of pets. This affects me because I have a pet and I want to know the healthy benefits of it. I already know that having pets can improve sense of responsibility by learning how to take care of pets. My connections are that I have two healthy pets named Harley and Milo and I always walk them during the weekends. This connects to previous learning in wellness that exercise like walking is good for you. This issue is relevant to me because a lot of people may not know the benefits of having a pet. This affects teenagers because some teenagers are lonely and want to have a companion and they may want to start getting a pet.

I learned that pets could be really good companions. they develop friendships and connection which are good for your social health.  For mental health, stroking your pet could create a calming effect. Walking your pets could give other health benefits like lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and  you less likely to have depression. Having pet could also improve speech, and fine and gross motor skills.This expanded my learning by knowing more benefits to health. What I found interesting is that when you exercise your pet, you could also improve your own health. My thinking changed about how pets can improve their owner’s social skills. Some misunderstanding about the topic is that some people think pets is just an added responsibility. Some solutions to this issue is that making people aware of the benefits of having a pet through social media. This influence my thinking about wellness by knowing that you could enjoy having pets and at the same time be healthy.