Sleep Disturbance Disorder: You May Have It Whether You Know Or Not

Abnormal Sleep Behavior. A common, yet unknown and misunderstood topic in the world of sleep. Abnormal Sleep Behavior are sleep disorders that focus on sleep disturbance. Four of the most common ones being, Nightmares, Night Terrors, Sleepwalking, and REM Sleep Disorder, which some people may have without even knowing it and that can be hazardous to their health, especially children and teens. Nightmares, Night Terrors, and Sleepwalking usually occurs in children or teens more often than adults, but even more so in males than females when it comes to Nightmares and Night Terrors. Although I’m not a male, I am still a teen, and my mom tells me I have mild REM Sleep Disorder on occasion. Still so is that my brother has had Night Terrors, and my uncle sleepwalked as a teenager, a quite intriguing story of him nearly walking into the street and my dad tackling him. I picked this topic, because of it’s effect on my family, but I also believe what goes on in your sleep is a very interesting idea, because most of the time you wake up not even knowing what happened the night before, whether you nearly walked out the front door or accidently poured a glass of water on yourself. Nightmares, dreams with vivid and disturbing content, doesn’t currently have a fully proven scientific cause, but scientist believe the nightmares have something to do with the fact that dreams and nightmares are one way kids process thoughts and feelings. Night Terrors, emotions that take the form of dreams in which someone wakes in a state of terror, are caused by the over-triggering of the central nervous system during sleep. This may happen because the central nervous system, that regulates sleep and waking brain activity is maturing. This may be hereditary, and about 80% of those who have night terrors have a family member who also experienced a sleep disturbance disorder. REM Sleep Disorder, is the acting out of violent dreams in ways that can self-harm or harm another, and occurs when the paralysis that occurs during REM sleep is incomplete or absent. That absences can be caused by degenerative neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and stress, mental disorders, and reactions to drugs and alcohol. Lastly, sleepwalking, which, though rarely caused by medical, emotional, or psychological problems, may run in families, and is caused by lack of sleep or fatigue, irregular sleep schedules, illness or fever, certain medications, and lastly, stress.

Nightmares aren’t curable, but comfort can ease worries before bed, and thwart nightmares. A regular sleep schedule, a relaxing sleep routine before bed, like a bath, reading, or quiet talk, and of course, avoiding scary movies, TV shows, and stories before bed. Night Terrors aren’t curable either, but you can also cope with them by reducing stress, sticking to a relaxing bedtime routine, and getting enough rest. On the other hand, if you happen to witness a Night Terror, stay calm, wait it out patiently, and just make sure the victim doesn’t get hurt by thrashing around. You mustn’t try to wake them up during a night terror, and attempts usually don’t work. When it does work though, the victim is disoriented, and may take longer to settle down from the fright. REM Sleep Disorder does, however, have a treatment in Clonazepam, a medication that slows or eliminates seizure and panic disorders 90% of the time. However, it’s still a good idea to sleep in a safe environment, and remove all sharp and breakable objects from the room. Sleepwalking has no specific treatment, however, in many cases improving sleep hygiene eliminates the problem, hypnosis also commonly works, surprisingly enough, and there’s also sedative-hypnotics and antidepressants for the matter. Still, removing sharp or breakable objects from room, installing gates on stairways, locking the doors and windows, keeping car keys out of reach, and saying no to  sleeping in a bunk bed ensure you or your housemates are less likely to fall down the stairs, trip, run into something, walk out the front door, or even drive as you sleepwalk. Sleep disturbance disorders are scarily common, and they’re just a part of growing up, but just “growing up” can lead to serious and potentially harming situations, and though in most cases these disorders don’t appear to cause much harm, they are still frightening disorders and sometimes leave you sleep deprived, which is very much need to function at school. However, by being cautious of you and those your household, and trying to help with the disorder, you can triumph over these disorders and pay them no mind. Try to keep your house a safe environment if you have a victim of these disorders in your house, and don’t believe everything you hear about these topics because some of these disorders scientist don’t even have a fully proven scientific output for, and there’s a lot of junk circulating around.ghost_girl_on_railway

A Common Theme Seen in Most Nightmares and Night Terrors Around the World is Feeling an Evil Presence, as well as Being Chased.

How do video games help against Alzheimer’s disease and help improve your wellbeing?-Ethan

I chose this topic because I have always wondered if video games are actually bad for your health. By doing this I have learned what video games can do to your body and this shows how good video games are good for you. Everyday I play video games nonstop I play CS:GO, Brawlhalla, Halo and all kinds of action games. This helps me understand what you can do to improve your hand-eye coordination and skill level in different activities in life. Video games now a days are affecting teenagers as people from all different kinds off places are playing video games. Teenagers look for different kinds of games like the Culling, and Garry’s mod. Teenagers are pretty much most of the people who play video games and this may help their lifestyle as they may get better at sports by a ton.

I learned that this helps your eye-sight improve as it may double the strength of your vision. Alzheimer’s disease not only erases your memory but you may have different problems like talking weirdly due to Alzheimer’s. Not only do video games help your eyesight but it will help on your multitasking skills as it helped a 72 year old man reach the multitasking skills of a 20 year old man. My thinking about this issue is that this is good. Because there are so much parents out there telling their kids that video games are bad for you. I disagree with this because I think that video games are good for you and that it may enhance your skill level. Not only do video games help you in multitasking but it has been proven that gamer’s are more likely than others who do not play video games to become a surgeon because you get better and better at hand-eye coordination.

My thinking changes on video games because I always thought that no matter what games were bad. But until I have found all evidence saying that video games are good for your health this makes me feel more comfortable playing video games because people tell me that I play too much and that makes me feel bad. This influences my learning about wellness because I want to learn how to have a better lifestyle.

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How does the brain react to music?- Kabir

The reason why I chose to study on how our brain reacts to music is because I always wondered why I enjoyed certain music while other people don’t. So by Studying on what happens to our brain while we listen to music I also learned that the Amygdala is able to trigger our brain based on what emotion we feel. Teenagers around our age listen to music almost every day whether it is in the car or at school or at home our mind uses music to relax our minds. The reason why this is a situation mostly affecting teenagers is because loud music in clubs or at home affects our reaction time by 20%.

I learned that  our brain reacts to music that we enjoy listing. Music that pulls the trigger to emotion, that emotion commands the Amygdala. The Amygdala is an almond-shaped mass of matter that is involved in the processing expressions, emotions, especially anger and fear..Listening to music like orchestra or the sound of the ocean help you stay relaxed and focused. These types of feelings that we take in will help us study for tests and focus on playing a sport. Listening to music at a nightclub in which they play their music up to  120 decibels can actually decrease your mental and physical reaction times but 20%.Studies have proven that louder music tends to increase alcohol sales in bars too.

Before researching on how our brain reacts to music, I thought that emotion  had nothing to do with how we enjoy music, so after researching the topic I discovered that the brain uses emotion the scene if that music Is good or not. To conclude our brains are delicate one of a kind body part. So when listening to music  don’t rot the brain evolve it, evolve it into something new…




Dreaming – Frances

This picture shows that you can be creative while dreaming no matter what age.

This picture shows that you can be creative while dreaming no matter what age. And you can see the brain being active.

For the health buzz project, I chose the topic about dreaming. I thought this issue would be interesting to know, because it is the most common thing that happens to us while sleeping, and we can make connections to ourself about it. I’m sure that most of us experienced dreaming more than once, but never researched about why or what happens to the body while dreaming. So I think this topic will be a good chance for us to learn about it. This topic is very relevant to me because I dream almost every time I sleep. Knowing about this topic is important because dreaming allows you to look into your inner mind and feeling. Also dream is a creative world that gives inspiration to the people who does Art, Music, invention etc. Teenagers can also get inspired from dreaming, but mostly they get to see their mood, or inner mind during sleep which is helpful. For example, they can dream how they feel with their friends, families, or school.

While working on this project, I learned more about foresight dream and conception dream. Foresight dream is when a moment from your dream happens in real life. And conception dream is a dream that foretells the birth of the child that is dreamt by the mother or people close to her. These dreams are very interesting because it can totally change your life just by dreaming it. I also learned what happens to our brain while we sleep, and if dreaming is good or bad for us. So my summary of this issue is that dreaming is a creative side of your brain that helps you to know about your feeling better or for you to be creative. But the problem is that, dreaming won’t let you sleep deep because your in REM sleep. REM sleep is when your body is sleeping but your brain is half awake, while NON REM sleep is when your body and brain are all asleep which is a good deep sleep. So I think it’s just right to have a mixture of REM & NON REM sleep.

Now my thinking about dreaming has changed a little bit after I learned that it won’t let you in deep sleep. I used to think that dreaming everyday is very interesting and cool, and I wanted to keep dream everyday. But now I sometimes want to be in deep sleep without dreaming. It made me feel quite confused if I’m sleeping well or not because I tend to dream every night. This topic also influenced my thinking about Wellness of how dreaming is a important part of our life and how it effects our mental and emotional health. I now think that dream is like a interesting clue or a key to our life.

Flu – Kae

Today, I’ll talk about flu. I chose this topic because flu is a popular disease all over the world, and it affects people from all ages. I thought it is important to learn about flu because we will know how to prevent ourselves from suffering it and be healthy. As you can see from the graph, if you get older about 40 or more, the death rate will increase sharply in Japan. Maybe it’s different in other countries though. This is because the immune system is getting lower as the people get older. So, I think it is better if we learn how to prevent having a flu.

The cause of the flu is the Influenza virus. There are type A, B, and C in influenza viruses. The viruses circulates in summer and starts the activity in October. Mostly, people will get infected by other people who already has influenza viruses. Especially from their coughs, sneezes, and when they put their mouth to other objects. People with the flu can spread viruses to others up to six feet away. 6 feet is about 183 cm.

If you get infected you’ll get a high fever, runny nose, cough, headache and many more. People who has a flu should stay at home for a week even if they think that they can go to school earlier. To prevent you from this sickness, you should get your flu shots, wash your hands after you come back from the outside, or put your mask on especially during the flu season. It’s better if you take your flu shots before the flu season. The flu season is mostly in December, February, and March every year.

I understood how important to wash my hands or getting flu shots, after I researched about it. Now I think that it is relevant to continue these small things to prevent from suffering the flu.


Dyslexia – Maria

Today, I’m going to talk about one of the learning disabilities called dyslexia. Dyslexia is when a person is having a difficulty in writing, letters, and reading. But, it does not affect intelligence. From this research I found out that 1 in 5 people has dyslexia and 15% to 20% of people has it in US. I chose this topic because I thought that it was interesting and I wanted other people to know what is a dyslexia and and why it exists in this world. Also, I saw that the characters had problems in dyslexia in the TV drama series and also in a book. Also, I learnt that people think that dyslexia is a disease but, it’s actually one of the learning disabilities in alphabetical letters. I was mostly surprised that people with dyslexia are more creative and they are more intelligent.

Before I didn’t started my research and knowing the real specific facts about dyslexia, I just knew that some people only had it and I just knew the definition on it. Since, I know quite well about dyslexia now, I got to know astonishing facts about this topic. One of the things I never knew was that Albert Einstein had dyslexia too. I couldn’t believe that one of the famous scientists has a dyslexia, and also I learnt from this topic was that we all experienced frustration, stress, and depression too. But, let’s think about it, people with dyslexia has twice times struggling than us. In conclusion, I believe that dyslexia was a good opportunity to understand and know some facts about it. In addition, I learnt that dyslexia seems to be impossible to be fixed to some people but, you could fix it. Anyone, even a person who has a learning disability could be improved and be same as us.



The Benefits Of Scents- Nicole


          I chose the topic of scents and the benefits of them because I have noticed hat some teachers have scented candles or burners in their room, and I also study with a burner that creates scents so I wanted to know why it helps us students. Before this, I knew from personal experience, that scent helped me study somehow. More citrus and light like scents helped me feel more refreshed, and vanilla/ cinnamon like  scents would make me feel more calm.This issue is important because many teenagers find it hard to destress, focus, and feel calm and because this scents are easy to get, most teenagers would benefit from it.

     I learned that every scent has a different effect on your body. Some scents make you feel better than others and some scents don’t have an impact. If you have a memory of a scent like if someone you love was baking cookies, you will automatically remember that thought once a similar scent is smelled. This helped me expand my learning by teaching me not only facts about scents, but also psychological matters as in what happens to your brain when a certain scent is mixed into the air. I think that scents indeed help people work more efficiently  and that different scents all have different impacts. An unexpected fact that i learned about this is that candles can help improve your focus. Because of the warm and soft light produced by the candle, it softens the angles and shadows in the room making it easier to focus. I think that the fact that so many benefits can come from something so small makes me think that this is a scent producers are a major plus. Now I think that instead of burners and candles being there to produce scent and only scent, I think that candles and burners help you not just because of the scent but also the light. In new situations I can think of a memory of me and the scent in the air to keep me calm. Some misunderstandings about this topic is that all of the scents produced would be overwhelming and very fancy/ intricate smells but simple smells like vanilla can have benefits.Some problems of this is that smell doesn’t last forever if your brain gets used to it or the air conditioner blows it away, you’ll have to do something  to get the scent back. Now when I think about this, it relates to wellness in the sense of wellbeing and that even if scents can help our brain, we still have to work hard.


In this photo, It shows a lavender candle which is known to help you sleep

In this photo, It shows a lavender scented candle containing lavender buds which is known to help you sleep.

Arthritis – Ves Bryson

Do you ever feel something might be wrong with your fingers? Or feel sore, pain where your joints are? If so, you might be experiencing arthritis.

Arthritis is referred to as ‘joint pain’ or ‘joint disease. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis that have different symptoms. So why did I choose this issue? The main reason I wanted to focus on this topic was because I am very curious to know what are they exactly and how do they affect us. This also is important to my family because my grandmother and grandfather have it. Also, I wanted to know how to avoid to get it or stop arthritis if I do get it. What did I already know about arthritis? I did not know a lot about arthritis and all I knew is that it is very painful and it can stop you from moving your fingers. Once, I thought I had arthritis because when I cracked my fingers, I had a numb feeling though my fingers for a few seconds and it was very uncomfortable and painful. This topic connects to previous learning about exercise and wellness because when you exercise you can often prevent arthritis and other diseases too. Sometimes, however, arthritis cannot be prevented. This also ties into what we are going to learn about nutrition, because when you eat a lot of fish, you can prevent arthritis too. This issue is very important to me because I do not want arthritis in the future. Arthritis can affect people of all ages, genders and races. Arthritis causes pain and an uncomfortable feeling in your fingers.


The left hand is a normal hand but the right hand shows that the hand has arthritis.

I have learned lots about arthritis and I am surprised about what I have researched. So far, I have learned that arthritis is not well understood and is very common to get. At its worst, arthritis can cause disabilities, restricting people’s movement.  In the United States, more than 50 million adults and about 300,000 children have some type of arthritis. Arthritis frequently occurs as people get older. Common arthritis joint symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion of your fingers or any part of your body where a joint is met. This information about arthritis is very interesting and I like learning about this topic. It gives me a better understanding of the topic that I have chosen and my thoughts have change about me getting arthritis.  I might have to accept this in the future, even if I don’t want to. I can try to eat healthy and exercise more but that might not change the fact that I might get arthritis in the future.