Alzheimer’s Disease – Kotaro

I will talk about the Alzheimer’s Disease because it is sound interesting for me. Fast of all Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia is not the same diseases. Dementia is the big name for diseases that affect the brain, and Alzheimer’s disease is one of the diseases in dementia that means dementia have wider range that alzheimer’s diseases. The memory, thinking, and your actions can be affected when you get Alzheimer. This is also affect to the connections of neurons, because alzheimer’s diseases is make the connections weaker. There is no fast cure yet, but there is a anti – dementia drugs. A one third of Americans have Alzheimer’s diseases. It is actually more common in women and can be found in some young people, too. After getting Alzheimer’s disease,  some people get worse in two years, but other people can live ten years without the disease getting bad.

Somethings that I learned about Alzheimer’s disease for example before I knew what is the alzheimer diseases, I used to think that it is common in men and young people never get that, but in the research I knew that it is more common in women and sometimes young people could to get it. So, I’m gonna talk about this with my friend, and I will teach them what is alzheimer’s diseases.