Panic Attacks- Patrick

I chose the issue of panic attacks because I have had an experience with my dad having one, it was intense and scary watching him have it. It felt like he was shutting down. This issue affects me and my family and I because i know that we can all have one but we need to know when on of us is having it. This issue is important to me because just thinking people can have one panic attack but then having more panic attacks because of panic disorders is horrible. It is also important to me because if this ever happens to me I hope with the information I now  know can help me stay as calm as I can if it does happen. I think it is important for other people to know because they should know the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack because many people get this mucked up and go to the doctor. This issue affects teenagers because anyone can have a panic attack, but at out age 11-13 we can have violent and painful panic attacks for the first one we have.

What I learnt about this issue is that people can mistaken panic attacks for heart attacks. Adrenal Glands are what cause you to have the symptoms of a panic attack and that they are located above the kidneys. I learnt about the Amygdala and how  it affects our anxious responses. It expanded my learning, especially for future units, on different hormones in your body and how your body can react to it. My opinion about this issue is that we as humans need to care for people when they have a panic attack, even though sometimes it doesn’t look harmful it is. The biggest misunderstanding to me for this issue how people can mistaken the signs of panic attacks for a heart attack. This influences my thinking on wellness by how this issue can effect your social and mental wellbeing.

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