Pokemon Go

The health issue I would like to talk about today is how playing Pokemon Go affects your body. This issue is important because many people spend hours playing the game without knowing what happens to them and their body. In fact, looking down at your phone trying to find Pokemon is like having a 60-pound weight on your neck because of the way our spine bends. To put that into perspective, it’s the equvelaant to have an 8 year old child sitting on your head as you check your Pokemon. I picked this issue because it’s something I was personally wondering about since I used to play Pokemon Go a lot and because I have heard of many leaders speaking out about the danger of Pokemon Go

In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because as of right now, we are hurting ourselves by looking down at our cell phones. As well as that, we also do not pay enough attention to traffic when we are totally amused by a new Pokemon, which has injured and even killed multiple people.  To help solve this problem, you can, as I said before raise your screen to a 30 degree angle and drop it to your side as you cross streets and intersections.

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