Jacque – Anxiety

I chose this issue because I know the different effects of anxiety, and I feel like it is an important matter. This affects me because one time I had an anxiety attack before school. Before this task, I already knew that some effects of anxiety are: wobbly legs, rapid heart beat, and sweat. This is important because this is a real disorder that hinders people’s everyday lives. This affects teenagares because changes in the stress environment can cause anxiety (though I’m not sure whether it is minor anxiety, or anxiety disorder).

During this task, I learned two types of anxiety disorders: social anxiety disorder (worry and self-consciousness toward everyday situations), and specific anxiety disorder (inappropriate level of fear for a specific object or situation). In my opinion, anxiety is an important issue that needs more awareness so we can find a cure. What was interesting about anxiety is that there are different types that have different effects. Our knowledge about anxiety can be applied to situations where we are stressed and extremely nervous so we know we are aware that we need to relax. Some people think anxiety is merely a feeling of nervousness, ┬ábut when it is continuous it is actually a serious disorder. Some things I find helpful when I have anxiety are: taking deep breaths, closing my eyes, and listening to relaxing music. After this task, I now think the different parts of wellness (mental, emotional, physical, and social) are all connected because when I have anxiety I start to feel socially closed off, I can’t think properly, I become unreasonably frustrated, and I become sluggish.anxiety

Some people can be aware of the fact that they are having anxiety, but they don’t know how to shut off the emotion.

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