Cholesterol- JKY

The reason I chose this issue is because high cholesterol runs through generations of my family. It affects me because I have been dealing with high cholesterol since I was 10 years old. I have taken notice on the effects of it and I have been trying to eat more greens and less oily foods. I knew that having high cholesterol was no joke, it can lead to abdominal,chest,jaw,etc pain. I was mostly aware on the fact that it can give you heart disease or a stroke. This is important because not everyone is aware of the harmful effects you can encounter when dealing with high cholesterol. This issue affects not just teenagers but everyone.

I learned that cholesterol is needed in your body. I found it interesting to find out the specific types of strokes you can get. A solution to this issue is to eat fatty foods in moderation. Also you should try your best to stay active as much as possible.


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