Cholesterol- JKY

The reason I chose this issue is because high cholesterol runs through generations of my family. It affects me because I have been dealing with high cholesterol since I was 10 years old. I have taken notice on the effects of it and I have been trying to eat more greens and less oily foods. I knew that having high cholesterol was no joke, it can lead to abdominal,chest,jaw,etc pain. I was mostly aware on the fact that it can give you heart disease or a stroke. This is important because not everyone is aware of the harmful effects you can encounter when dealing with high cholesterol. This issue affects not just teenagers but everyone.

I learned that cholesterol is needed in your body. I found it interesting to find out the specific types of strokes you can get. A solution to this issue is to eat fatty foods in moderation. Also you should try your best to stay active as much as possible.


Benefits of Cold showers- Dante Lonnqvist




I choose benefits of  Cold showers because at first in class no body believed me when i said cold showers burn fat so i decided to make a health buzz on it this expanded my learning because there were something i never ever would have thought had been a benefit of taking a cold shower

I learnt that doing some of the simplest of things can help your daily life for example if you shower in cold water you are acutely burning calories and most importantly cold showers are good for you. I think people should at least take 1 cold shower a week at least .  Before this project i thought to being fit and healthy required big steps but acutely doing the simples of things can help you be more healthy.

Until now i thought taking a cold  or hot shower didn’t matter but i was wrong one is more beneficial then the other



Jacque – Anxiety

I chose this issue because I know the different effects of anxiety, and I feel like it is an important matter. This affects me because one time I had an anxiety attack before school. Before this task, I already knew that some effects of anxiety are: wobbly legs, rapid heart beat, and sweat. This is important because this is a real disorder that hinders people’s everyday lives. This affects teenagares because changes in the stress environment can cause anxiety (though I’m not sure whether it is minor anxiety, or anxiety disorder).

During this task, I learned two types of anxiety disorders: social anxiety disorder (worry and self-consciousness toward everyday situations), and specific anxiety disorder (inappropriate level of fear for a specific object or situation). In my opinion, anxiety is an important issue that needs more awareness so we can find a cure. What was interesting about anxiety is that there are different types that have different effects. Our knowledge about anxiety can be applied to situations where we are stressed and extremely nervous so we know we are aware that we need to relax. Some people think anxiety is merely a feeling of nervousness,  but when it is continuous it is actually a serious disorder. Some things I find helpful when I have anxiety are: taking deep breaths, closing my eyes, and listening to relaxing music. After this task, I now think the different parts of wellness (mental, emotional, physical, and social) are all connected because when I have anxiety I start to feel socially closed off, I can’t think properly, I become unreasonably frustrated, and I become sluggish.anxiety

Some people can be aware of the fact that they are having anxiety, but they don’t know how to shut off the emotion.

Sleep Disturbance Disorder: You May Have It Whether You Know Or Not

Abnormal Sleep Behavior. A common, yet unknown and misunderstood topic in the world of sleep. Abnormal Sleep Behavior are sleep disorders that focus on sleep disturbance. Four of the most common ones being, Nightmares, Night Terrors, Sleepwalking, and REM Sleep Disorder, which some people may have without even knowing it and that can be hazardous to their health, especially children and teens. Nightmares, Night Terrors, and Sleepwalking usually occurs in children or teens more often than adults, but even more so in males than females when it comes to Nightmares and Night Terrors. Although I’m not a male, I am still a teen, and my mom tells me I have mild REM Sleep Disorder on occasion. Still so is that my brother has had Night Terrors, and my uncle sleepwalked as a teenager, a quite intriguing story of him nearly walking into the street and my dad tackling him. I picked this topic, because of it’s effect on my family, but I also believe what goes on in your sleep is a very interesting idea, because most of the time you wake up not even knowing what happened the night before, whether you nearly walked out the front door or accidently poured a glass of water on yourself. Nightmares, dreams with vivid and disturbing content, doesn’t currently have a fully proven scientific cause, but scientist believe the nightmares have something to do with the fact that dreams and nightmares are one way kids process thoughts and feelings. Night Terrors, emotions that take the form of dreams in which someone wakes in a state of terror, are caused by the over-triggering of the central nervous system during sleep. This may happen because the central nervous system, that regulates sleep and waking brain activity is maturing. This may be hereditary, and about 80% of those who have night terrors have a family member who also experienced a sleep disturbance disorder. REM Sleep Disorder, is the acting out of violent dreams in ways that can self-harm or harm another, and occurs when the paralysis that occurs during REM sleep is incomplete or absent. That absences can be caused by degenerative neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and stress, mental disorders, and reactions to drugs and alcohol. Lastly, sleepwalking, which, though rarely caused by medical, emotional, or psychological problems, may run in families, and is caused by lack of sleep or fatigue, irregular sleep schedules, illness or fever, certain medications, and lastly, stress.

Nightmares aren’t curable, but comfort can ease worries before bed, and thwart nightmares. A regular sleep schedule, a relaxing sleep routine before bed, like a bath, reading, or quiet talk, and of course, avoiding scary movies, TV shows, and stories before bed. Night Terrors aren’t curable either, but you can also cope with them by reducing stress, sticking to a relaxing bedtime routine, and getting enough rest. On the other hand, if you happen to witness a Night Terror, stay calm, wait it out patiently, and just make sure the victim doesn’t get hurt by thrashing around. You mustn’t try to wake them up during a night terror, and attempts usually don’t work. When it does work though, the victim is disoriented, and may take longer to settle down from the fright. REM Sleep Disorder does, however, have a treatment in Clonazepam, a medication that slows or eliminates seizure and panic disorders 90% of the time. However, it’s still a good idea to sleep in a safe environment, and remove all sharp and breakable objects from the room. Sleepwalking has no specific treatment, however, in many cases improving sleep hygiene eliminates the problem, hypnosis also commonly works, surprisingly enough, and there’s also sedative-hypnotics and antidepressants for the matter. Still, removing sharp or breakable objects from room, installing gates on stairways, locking the doors and windows, keeping car keys out of reach, and saying no to  sleeping in a bunk bed ensure you or your housemates are less likely to fall down the stairs, trip, run into something, walk out the front door, or even drive as you sleepwalk. Sleep disturbance disorders are scarily common, and they’re just a part of growing up, but just “growing up” can lead to serious and potentially harming situations, and though in most cases these disorders don’t appear to cause much harm, they are still frightening disorders and sometimes leave you sleep deprived, which is very much need to function at school. However, by being cautious of you and those your household, and trying to help with the disorder, you can triumph over these disorders and pay them no mind. Try to keep your house a safe environment if you have a victim of these disorders in your house, and don’t believe everything you hear about these topics because some of these disorders scientist don’t even have a fully proven scientific output for, and there’s a lot of junk circulating around.ghost_girl_on_railway

A Common Theme Seen in Most Nightmares and Night Terrors Around the World is Feeling an Evil Presence, as well as Being Chased.