How do video games help against Alzheimer’s disease and help improve your wellbeing?-Ethan

I chose this topic because I have always wondered if video games are actually bad for your health. By doing this I have learned what video games can do to your body and this shows how good video games are good for you. Everyday I play video games nonstop I play CS:GO, Brawlhalla, Halo and all kinds of action games. This helps me understand what you can do to improve your hand-eye coordination and skill level in different activities in life. Video games now a days are affecting teenagers as people from all different kinds off places are playing video games. Teenagers look for different kinds of games like the Culling, and Garry’s mod. Teenagers are pretty much most of the people who play video games and this may help their lifestyle as they may get better at sports by a ton.

I learned that this helps your eye-sight improve as it may double the strength of your vision. Alzheimer’s disease not only erases your memory but you may have different problems like talking weirdly due to Alzheimer’s. Not only do video games help your eyesight but it will help on your multitasking skills as it helped a 72 year old man reach the multitasking skills of a 20 year old man. My thinking about this issue is that this is good. Because there are so much parents out there telling their kids that video games are bad for you. I disagree with this because I think that video games are good for you and that it may enhance your skill level. Not only do video games help you in multitasking but it has been proven that gamer’s are more likely than others who do not play video games to become a surgeon because you get better and better at hand-eye coordination.

My thinking changes on video games because I always thought that no matter what games were bad. But until I have found all evidence saying that video games are good for your health this makes me feel more comfortable playing video games because people tell me that I play too much and that makes me feel bad. This influences my learning about wellness because I want to learn how to have a better lifestyle.

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How does the brain react to music?- Kabir

The reason why I chose to study on how our brain reacts to music is because I always wondered why I enjoyed certain music while other people don’t. So by Studying on what happens to our brain while we listen to music I also learned that the Amygdala is able to trigger our brain based on what emotion we feel. Teenagers around our age listen to music almost every day whether it is in the car or at school or at home our mind uses music to relax our minds. The reason why this is a situation mostly affecting teenagers is because loud music in clubs or at home affects our reaction time by 20%.

I learned that  our brain reacts to music that we enjoy listing. Music that pulls the trigger to emotion, that emotion commands the Amygdala. The Amygdala is an almond-shaped mass of matter that is involved in the processing expressions, emotions, especially anger and fear..Listening to music like orchestra or the sound of the ocean help you stay relaxed and focused. These types of feelings that we take in will help us study for tests and focus on playing a sport. Listening to music at a nightclub in which they play their music up to  120 decibels can actually decrease your mental and physical reaction times but 20%.Studies have proven that louder music tends to increase alcohol sales in bars too.

Before researching on how our brain reacts to music, I thought that emotion  had nothing to do with how we enjoy music, so after researching the topic I discovered that the brain uses emotion the scene if that music Is good or not. To conclude our brains are delicate one of a kind body part. So when listening to music  don’t rot the brain evolve it, evolve it into something new…