Dreaming – Frances

This picture shows that you can be creative while dreaming no matter what age.

This picture shows that you can be creative while dreaming no matter what age. And you can see the brain being active.

For the health buzz project, I chose the topic about dreaming. I thought this issue would be interesting to know, because it is the most common thing that happens to us while sleeping, and we can make connections to ourself about it. I’m sure that most of us experienced dreaming more than once, but never researched about why or what happens to the body while dreaming. So I think this topic will be a good chance for us to learn about it. This topic is very relevant to me because I dream almost every time I sleep. Knowing about this topic is important because dreaming allows you to look into your inner mind and feeling. Also dream is a creative world that gives inspiration to the people who does Art, Music, invention etc. Teenagers can also get inspired from dreaming, but mostly they get to see their mood, or inner mind during sleep which is helpful. For example, they can dream how they feel with their friends, families, or school.

While working on this project, I learned more about foresight dream and conception dream. Foresight dream is when a moment from your dream happens in real life. And conception dream is a dream that foretells the birth of the child that is dreamt by the mother or people close to her. These dreams are very interesting because it can totally change your life just by dreaming it. I also learned what happens to our brain while we sleep, and if dreaming is good or bad for us. So my summary of this issue is that dreaming is a creative side of your brain that helps you to know about your feeling better or for you to be creative. But the problem is that, dreaming won’t let you sleep deep because your in REM sleep. REM sleep is when your body is sleeping but your brain is half awake, while NON REM sleep is when your body and brain are all asleep which is a good deep sleep. So I think it’s just right to have a mixture of REM & NON REM sleep.

Now my thinking about dreaming has changed a little bit after I learned that it won’t let you in deep sleep. I used to think that dreaming everyday is very interesting and cool, and I wanted to keep dream everyday. But now I sometimes want to be in deep sleep without dreaming. It made me feel quite confused if I’m sleeping well or not because I tend to dream every night. This topic also influenced my thinking about Wellness of how dreaming is a important part of our life and how it effects our mental and emotional health. I now think that dream is like a interesting clue or a key to our life.