Flu – Kae

Today, I’ll talk about flu. I chose this topic because flu is a popular disease all over the world, and it affects people from all ages. I thought it is important to learn about flu because we will know how to prevent ourselves from suffering it and be healthy. As you can see from the graph, if you get older about 40 or more, the death rate will increase sharply in Japan. Maybe it’s different in other countries though. This is because the immune system is getting lower as the people get older. So, I think it is better if we learn how to prevent having a flu.

The cause of the flu is the Influenza virus. There are type A, B, and C in influenza viruses. The viruses circulates in summer and starts the activity in October. Mostly, people will get infected by other people who already has influenza viruses. Especially from their coughs, sneezes, and when they put their mouth to other objects. People with the flu can spread viruses to others up to six feet away. 6 feet is about 183 cm.

If you get infected you’ll get a high fever, runny nose, cough, headache and many more. People who has a flu should stay at home for a week even if they think that they can go to school earlier. To prevent you from this sickness, you should get your flu shots, wash your hands after you come back from the outside, or put your mask on especially during the flu season. It’s better if you take your flu shots before the flu season. The flu season is mostly in December, February, and March every year.

I understood how important to wash my hands or getting flu shots, after I researched about it. Now I think that it is relevant to continue these small things to prevent from suffering the flu.