Alzheimer’s Disease – Kotaro

I will talk about the Alzheimer’s Disease because it is sound interesting for me. Fast of all Alzheimer’s diseases and dementia is not the same diseases. Dementia is the big name for diseases that affect the brain, and Alzheimer’s disease is one of the diseases in dementia that means dementia have wider range that alzheimer’s diseases. The memory, thinking, and your actions can be affected when you get Alzheimer. This is also affect to the connections of neurons, because alzheimer’s diseases is make the connections weaker. There is no fast cure yet, but there is a anti – dementia drugs. A one third of Americans have Alzheimer’s diseases. It is actually more common in women and can be found in some young people, too. After getting Alzheimer’s disease,  some people get worse in two years, but other people can live ten years without the disease getting bad.

Somethings that I learned about Alzheimer’s disease for example before I knew what is the alzheimer diseases, I used to think that it is common in men and young people never get that, but in the research I knew that it is more common in women and sometimes young people could to get it. So, I’m gonna talk about this with my friend, and I will teach them what is alzheimer’s diseases.

Congenital Insensitivity to Pain – Sanya Chawla

I choose this topic  because we feel pain whenever we bump into something, scratch something,  or even step on something sharp. But there are some people in the world who don’t feel any of the pain, whenever they hurt themselves they just carry on with their regular lives with no hesitation. Before I thought that feeling no pain was something everybody wanted including me. But the more deeper I go in this topic is, it sucks to have Congenital Insensitivity to Pain because you can get in serious trouble. I think everyone should be aware of this topic because we can help the people who have this disorder. This connects to our health unit because by helping the people who have this disorder, we can improve their health by being friendlier with them (social), helping them out with things they touch and walk on (physical), and by always being there for them (emotional).

I learned that Congenital Insensitivity to Pain is a disorder in which a person cannot feel (and has never felt) physical pain. People with this condition can feel the difference between sharp and dull and hot and cold, but cannot sense. This expanded my learning because in the past, I didn’t know what Congenital Insensitivity to pain even meant. What I learned was more surprising that interesting because I never knew that there were people in the world who were suffering from not feeling pain. This Health Buzz has changed my thinking because as I said before, I thought that not feeling pain was something really fascinating but now I realize that dangers come with this disability and not feeling pain is more pain full. On the bright side, people who have this problem can learn how to do more brain work by deciding what to do and what not to do (like not stepping or touching something). In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because you can be aware how some people in this world need help and maybe someday you can help them to.  To help solve this problem, you can set plans for those people with this condition of what to touch and what to not touch and what to step on and what to not step on.


This image connected to my topic, by showing that people with congenital insensitivity to pain can carelessly step into anything sharp without noticing and it can lead into something serious or death.

How Colors Affect the Brain – Aaryam S.

I chose this issue because we see colors quite literally, all the time, and I wanted to know how they can influence my behavior, mood or passage of thought. Why this affects me and my family should be pretty self-explanatory, since we too, like normal humans, can see colors. Some things I already knew were that colors can in fact, affect your behavior, and also that the color green had a calming effect, but did not know much in detail. This connects to our learning as colors have can have many mental and social effects in life, which we have learnt about in Wellness. This aspect of Wellness is relevant to me as I had a pretty minor case of depression when I was 9, and a part of it was because most of the colors I saw in the day, in places like my laptop, were blue, or other, dark colors. This affects teenagers since at our age, it is likely that we may experience a lot of mood swings, which may be prevented by our choice of colors.

I learnt that certain colors can cause certain behavioral patterns. Red, orange and yellow, for example increase appetite, red by itself can increase aggressiveness and also attracts attention. Yellow, on the other hand makes you happy, but too much of it can make you feel frustrated or irritated. Meanwhile, orange makes you feel more energetic. The colors, green and blue counteract these effects by decreasing your appetite, and also increase productivity. The color purple is associated with luxury, and people subconsciously respect you more if you’re wearing purple. The color grey decreases productivity as a result of making you feel less energetic. Finally, the color black and some darker blues make you feel depressed, and the color white has no major effects. This expands my learning as it makes me more aware of my surroundings, and why people may behave the way they do in certain conditions. It also explains why most fast-food companies have the colors red or yellow in their logos. I believe that this topic can be very interesting, and more research should be done on it to see just to what extent colors can influence us. Something that was surprising was that wearing the color black may make you come across as ‘aggressive’, as I’ve always associated the color with neutrality, and a sense of calm. Mt thinking has changed since I didn’t really see a color pattern between companies, of the same trade, but now I can notice some and know why they have the same color scheme. Since I didn’t know much about the topic, I didn’t really have any ‘misunderstandings” about it. Some problems about colors affecting the brain’s mentality, is that in some conditions that are supposed to be ‘equal’, colors may give an unfair advantage to some. For example, someone in a boxing or rugby match, a participant might be intimidated my their opposition’s black gear, causing them to be less confident. Another example is that in strategic gaming, it was seen after some research the blue team wins 73% of the time. This is because their team’s blue color tends to make them more strategic about their approach, while the red team, because of the aggressive tendencies the red color causes, barge in without a plan, which usually leads to their demise. Whilst in more straightforward games like first-person shooters, the red team tends to win because the red color stimulates their heart rate, causing better reaction times. There is really no solution to this problem, since you can’t make people stop seeing colors. This influences my thinking about Wellness as it makes me realize that Wellness is associated with even the smallest of things in our lives.


This image is connected to my topic, since the color red is used on the words, Posts, and Publish. This is because the website wants us to pay attention to these, which can be achieved by using the color red, proving that the things we notice most, or least are also influenced by colors.

Panic Attacks- Patrick

I chose the issue of panic attacks because I have had an experience with my dad having one, it was intense and scary watching him have it. It felt like he was shutting down. This issue affects me and my family and I because i know that we can all have one but we need to know when on of us is having it. This issue is important to me because just thinking people can have one panic attack but then having more panic attacks because of panic disorders is horrible. It is also important to me because if this ever happens to me I hope with the information I now  know can help me stay as calm as I can if it does happen. I think it is important for other people to know because they should know the difference between a heart attack and a panic attack because many people get this mucked up and go to the doctor. This issue affects teenagers because anyone can have a panic attack, but at out age 11-13 we can have violent and painful panic attacks for the first one we have.

What I learnt about this issue is that people can mistaken panic attacks for heart attacks. Adrenal Glands are what cause you to have the symptoms of a panic attack and that they are located above the kidneys. I learnt about the Amygdala and how  it affects our anxious responses. It expanded my learning, especially for future units, on different hormones in your body and how your body can react to it. My opinion about this issue is that we as humans need to care for people when they have a panic attack, even though sometimes it doesn’t look harmful it is. The biggest misunderstanding to me for this issue how people can mistaken the signs of panic attacks for a heart attack. This influences my thinking on wellness by how this issue can effect your social and mental wellbeing.

Pokemon Go

The health issue I would like to talk about today is how playing Pokemon Go affects your body. This issue is important because many people spend hours playing the game without knowing what happens to them and their body. In fact, looking down at your phone trying to find Pokemon is like having a 60-pound weight on your neck because of the way our spine bends. To put that into perspective, it’s the equvelaant to have an 8 year old child sitting on your head as you check your Pokemon. I picked this issue because it’s something I was personally wondering about since I used to play Pokemon Go a lot and because I have heard of many leaders speaking out about the danger of Pokemon Go

In conclusion, this issue is important for you to know about because as of right now, we are hurting ourselves by looking down at our cell phones. As well as that, we also do not pay enough attention to traffic when we are totally amused by a new Pokemon, which has injured and even killed multiple people.  To help solve this problem, you can, as I said before raise your screen to a 30 degree angle and drop it to your side as you cross streets and intersections.

Samer- Pokemon Go and Mental Health

I chose this topic because I found it very interesting that a video game could have an effect on real world problems like anxiety and depression. People playing Pokemon Go have talked about how it helped them get outside and make new friends. Dr John Grohol talked about how this game helped people to take that step outside.

Studies show that 1 in 5 americans suffer from some kind of mood disorder. This game has helped them take that step to go outside and make new friends. However Dr Grohol says that this game should not substitute professional care but scientists should look to this game in the future for new ideas.


Photo in google classroom

Mercedes Zobel – Alzheimer’s

I chose this topic because many people in my family have alzheimer’s and its very common in the world and I think we should raise more awareness. Teenagers should be concerned because 5.1 million people have it and it could be any one of your friends or family.

Alzheimer’s is when you start to lose your memory, it starts with short term memory. It worsens over time to the point where you forget how to walk or talk so you eventually die. They have not found a cure right now but they are trying to make pills that can make it more gradual. It is most common at the age of 65 and over but is very rare in your 30-40. To try and stop alzheimer’s if its common in your family, its helpful at a young age to start using your brain for puzzles and mind games so that it will be less likely.alzheimers-school

Cholesterol- JKY

The reason I chose this issue is because high cholesterol runs through generations of my family. It affects me because I have been dealing with high cholesterol since I was 10 years old. I have taken notice on the effects of it and I have been trying to eat more greens and less oily foods. I knew that having high cholesterol was no joke, it can lead to abdominal,chest,jaw,etc pain. I was mostly aware on the fact that it can give you heart disease or a stroke. This is important because not everyone is aware of the harmful effects you can encounter when dealing with high cholesterol. This issue affects not just teenagers but everyone.

I learned that cholesterol is needed in your body. I found it interesting to find out the specific types of strokes you can get. A solution to this issue is to eat fatty foods in moderation. Also you should try your best to stay active as much as possible.


Adoption – Joaquin Tan Climaco

I chose this issue because I was adopted and since I was adopted I wanted to know more about the topic. I affects me and my family because we are trying to make a stable and normal family but that’s hard because we are having trouble communicating. Something I already knew about adoption was that you were born to a different family and someone took you and treated you like a son but what I didn’t know was that it could affect the child heavily if not treated the right way. Adoption connect to our previous learning because you have to know what it affect, it might affect mental health or social health. This issue is important because lots of adult don’t know how to handle saying this to their kids, it could possibly traumatize the kids or give them abandonment issues. Luckily my mother knew how to handle this subject and I was able to control it, she told me when I was 5 years old. Adoption adds complications to the teenager to develop normal tasks of teenagers and sometimes can even feel socially awkward.

I learned that many people are troubled by this issue and has suffered from not knowing their real parents. This expanded my learning by showing me that in order to really know how that person feels you have to think deeper. My opinion is that children need to be cared for by their parents if you adopt a child you need to have full responsibility to give what the child needs which is to thrive in a good environment. Something unexpected to me was that telling your child that you are adopted when they understand what adoption means have some debate about their identity. Some misunderstandings about the topic is that some parents don’t understand what the child is going through and as I said if approached the wrong way. Some solutions to the problem is to tell the child when they don’t understand what adoption means, then once they have an idea then the family will start to adjust. This influences my thinking towards Wellness because Wellness helps us understand and handle these sort of thing.


Benefits of Cold showers- Dante Lonnqvist




I choose benefits of  Cold showers because at first in class no body believed me when i said cold showers burn fat so i decided to make a health buzz on it this expanded my learning because there were something i never ever would have thought had been a benefit of taking a cold shower

I learnt that doing some of the simplest of things can help your daily life for example if you shower in cold water you are acutely burning calories and most importantly cold showers are good for you. I think people should at least take 1 cold shower a week at least .  Before this project i thought to being fit and healthy required big steps but acutely doing the simples of things can help you be more healthy.

Until now i thought taking a cold  or hot shower didn’t matter but i was wrong one is more beneficial then the other