Synesthesia – Jack Breuhaus

Synesthesia is an amazing condition where different senses interact. The most famous example of this is the book A Mango Shaped Space. This book sparked my interest in it and persuaded me to do my health buzz on it. Scientists predict that anywhere from 1-200 people have it or 1-100000, so as you can guess it only affects a very small amount of people. However it changes the lives of people who do have it.

What Synesthesia does is make it so senses interact. The most common type of Synesthesia is Grapheme – Color Synesthesia which is where different numbers and letters all have colors to them. This means that for example the letter A might be bright yellow. However every single sense can interact. For example a person who has Synesthesia might taste ice cream, whenever they smell peanuts. In conclusion, Synesthesia is an astounding condition that affects a very small amount of people.



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