Panic Disorder – Monica Holopainen

Panic Disorder: a type of mental illness that is defined by spontaneous panic attacks that don’t seem to have a real cause. This issue is important because it is a mental disorder, something in which 450 million people around the world have to deal with every single day, and has contributed to the way they act or feel on a daily basis. I chose this issue I am a very anxious person, and I wanted to know more about the disorders that have to do with anxiety. Many teenagers get panic attacks, and can eventually develop disorders like this one once they get older.

Over the course of my research, I learned that women are actually more susceptible to getting the panic disorder than men. There is no clear reason why this is, or why any anxiety disorder is caused at all. I also learned about Agoraphobia, which is when people with anxiety disorders get panic attacks in the same place they have had panic attacks in before. This is a very common thing with people who have the panic disorder, as about one in three people that have a panic disorder have agoraphobia along with it. These two combined can cause some people to not want to go to public/crowded places, or worse, even leave the house.  The panic disorder, however, can come along with other mental/physical disorders such as asthma, depression or substance abuse. I believe that it is very sad that so many people nowadays are living with mental disorders, and that they are true warriors that need to be appreciated more.

The photo shows a girl to scared to leave her house because of agoraphobia; when people get panic attacks are in a certain place/situation, which can cause them to not want to leave the house.

In conclusion, I do believe that this is a very important issue because so many people in the world are dealing with this mental disorder and mental disorders in general. If you know someone with a mental disorder or this specific disorder, please talk to them and tell one of our guidance counselors, if they’re alright with that.

Synesthesia – Jack Breuhaus

Synesthesia is an amazing condition where different senses interact. The most famous example of this is the book A Mango Shaped Space. This book sparked my interest in it and persuaded me to do my health buzz on it. Scientists predict that anywhere from 1-200 people have it or 1-100000, so as you can guess it only affects a very small amount of people. However it changes the lives of people who do have it.

What Synesthesia does is make it so senses interact. The most common type of Synesthesia is Grapheme – Color Synesthesia which is where different numbers and letters all have colors to them. This means that for example the letter A might be bright yellow. However every single sense can interact. For example a person who has Synesthesia might taste ice cream, whenever they smell peanuts. In conclusion, Synesthesia is an astounding condition that affects a very small amount of people.