How “Pokémon Go” Is Good For Your Brain– Andrew Molloy

The health topic I would like to present today is How Pokémon Go is good for your brain. This issue is important because People are saying that Pokémon is the worst thing for you brain. I picked this issue because I am a Pokémon Go player and I love playing it. If  you are wonder what team I am, I will you it show what team I am on the presentation.

This issue effect all ages brain meeting random people, doing exercise, going outside. I learned that by doing research. Some interesting fact that I found about this topic are 1.That users are logging average of 43 minutes each day. 2. The game came out on July 5th 2016 and it the most popular app in both IPhone and Android app store. 3. Final Psych-Central, psychologist John M. Grohol reported that Pokémon Go was helping users to “get outside, take a walk, talk to others and explore the world”. I believe that Pokémon Go is a great for your brain.

It is important for the class to know that Pokémon Go doesn’t mess up your mind it help you brain to be less stress and calm. It important to me because if you hear people say “Don’t play Pokémon Go its horrible for your brain” Just think about what I just told you about Pokémon Go. So when you are not at school and you are bored a home just get Pokémon Go if you don’t have it, GO CATCH THEM ALL.


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