Why are humans afraid of the dark? – Allen

Let’s face it. We’ve all been scared of the dark before. But why? That’s what I’m about to tell you. For starters, I chose this topic because I have aways been afraid of the dark. Just a sideways glance at some scary image can render me insomniac for days, if not weeks. In turn with learning a lot about human genetic memory and how we are affected by it, towards the end of my project I realized that many students are bullied because they seem weak, possibly rotting from a fear of something, say the dark. But if we embrace the fact that the fear is normal and actually has kept our species alive for several thousand years, maybe people will change and realize that there’s nothing to be ashamed of, or even better, they could fix (in part, at least) their fear of the dark.

I learn’t that humans are genetically afraid of the dark, the unknown. That means that we are naturally, inherently afraid of the dark. There are many reasons as to why, such as media influence and, perhaps, scary bedtime stories. But the main reason is that back when we weren’t the top predator, going outside of your home cave at night to go pee mean’t certain death, so gradually, in order to survive the night,we developed a genetic fear for the dark, and the unknown. Combine that with the fact that humans are mostly sight oriented and cannot function well in the dark, and you have why we’re afraid of the dark. For example, if we all knew and accepted the fact that slender-man is just looking for friends, we wouldn’t fear him as much as some of us do now. I used to think that people just grew out of the “fear of the dark” stage sometime around high school, and that smaller people were just wussy. But now, I know two things: It is okay to be afraid of things, especially the dark, and two, this kind of fear can go away, if we just realize that in the dark, and really on the whole planet, you are the most dangerous thing there is. Our ancestor’s fear were rooted in the fact that they weren’t as the tiger that lived next door.




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