Joaquin – Type 1 Diabetes

My issue is type 1 diabetes. I chose this issue because many people in my family have or had type 1 diabetes. My great-grandmother had it, and she passed it down to others in her family. 3 of my grandfather’s siblings have it, and 4 others have died from type 1 diabetes. However, all I knew about it was that persons with diabetes had to inject themselves. Another reason why I chose the issue is because it is usually diagnosed in teens and young adults. There is no cure or way to prevent type 1 diabetes, so it will affect teens with it for their whole lives. It is spread through the gene pool.


I learned that, first, type 1 diabetes has no cure, so people live with it for life if they get it. It also has no means of prevention. Second, the lack of insulin production can cause blood sugar levels to spike. Insulin is a hormone that brings down glucose levels, as too much can damage the body. Patients need to manually inject themselves to prevent glucose levels from rising too high. Those with type 1 diabetes use a device called a glucometer to monitor blood sugar levels. A sample of blood is placed on a metal strip extending from the machine, which analyzes the blood sugar levels in the sample. Symptoms of type 1 diabetes include getting tired, thirst, or experiencing stomach pains frequently. One thing interesting that I learned is that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are very different. Type 1 patients can’t produce insulin, but those with type 2 produce insulin, but their body resists it. A misunderstanding is that with a proper diet, you can prevent blood sugar spikes. This is not true because people inherit type 1 diabetes. This changes my thinking because I know that no matter what lengths you go to to keep yourself in perfect health, you can’t avoid getting some diseases.


Equipment that patients with type 1 diabetes use: glucometer and needle for extracting blood and injecting insulin.


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