Asthma by Seve

I chose this topic because I know a lot of people in my life that have suffer from this ┬áproblem. Another reason I chose this was because of how common it is and I was very interested on how it was caused. Also, since I have asthma, I wanted to know what it really was and wanted to learn more about it in depth. It is also an interesting topic to me and got me very engaged in this issue. It affects my family because I have it and most of my other relatives have it. I already new it had to do with breathing and having a hard time with it. Asthma is important to me because I have it, and I wanted to know what happens what it does to my body. It affects teenagers because teenagers that do have asthma are usually in denial of having it since they don’t want to seem different. This makes the teenagers not take their medicine, leading into worse flare-ups and problems. Uncontrolled asthma can lead to low self-esteem and depression.

I learned that it had something to do with your with the airways or bronchial tubes tightening up, which makes it harder to inhale and exhale air. This expanded my learning by explaining to me what happens every time I have a hard time breathing, it also helped me learn that there is no cure, but taking medications will help massively. Something surprising is that this can make people depressed and lower their self- esteem, this was surprising since I didn’t know that struggling with breathing can make you feel bad about yourself. My thinking has changed by having me realise how cautious I should be with my environment and how I should treat my body by keeping it clean. People think asthma isn’t that bad to live with and it you can be completely normal, but if you get an asthma attack and no-one is there to help you, it can lead to some serious trouble, maybe even death. Asthma has no proper cure, but having a proper treatment plan will help drastically. This influences my learning about wellness, because we learned about smoking and smoking can cause this. We also learned about respect and with depression and low self esteem it is hard to respect yourself.


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