Benefits of Playing Video Games By Gian Marco

I chose this topic because my brother, a lot of my friends, and I play video games. This affects me because almost all of my friends play video games and their parents, including my parents think that video games gives off a negative impact on people who play video games. This affects my previous learning because my parents feed me information saying that video games are bad for you, but now that I think about it more, video games can go both directions. This is important because in the future, mainly in high school, a lot of students get bullied or have a hard time making friends, but video games make some kind of connection between people. This affects teenagers because 97% percent of teenagers play video games for at least one hour a day and they don’t know much about the benefits because their parents tell them that video games are bad for them.

I didn’t learn that many new things, but I did learn that it makes decision making easier and faster. This expanded my learning by research making the benefits more specific than a vague references of the benefits. I think that more teenagers and others should know about the benefits so that they feel more comfortable with playing video games. One benefit that surprised me was that video games make better surgeons. Study show that people who play games for more than 3 hours helps them make less errors while performing surgery. This will helps me in the future because I know that in 3 years I have to move because of my mother’s job meaning that I have to apply these benefits to my life in high school to make friends. Some misunderstandings that people have are that video games give the players inaccurate information about the setting or theme, but when looking at it in a closer way, the way the information is applied in a creative way. Some problems are that people, mainly parents, see video games are the work of the devil or something like that. While in reality, video games go both ways. This influences my view about wellness because I know wellness isn’t just about eating habits, substance abuse, puberty, reproduction. Wellness can be almost about everything from video games to choice making and many other topics.

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