Hypnophobia – Henri

I chose this topic because sleep is a need for humans, and I feel very relaxed when I am sleeping. Hypnophobia is an irrational or an excessive fear of sleep. It is a phobia anyone can get from past experiences, like repetitive nightmares, or wanting to take back the time you lost while sleeping. I found this relevant to me because like I said, sleep is a need for humans. People who suffer from this phobia experience Nausea, dry mouth, trembling, irregular heartbeat, and many more when thinking about sleep, talking about sleep, or trying to sleep. This affects teenagers because anyone can get this phobia from negative experiences with sleep.

I learned that this phobia can cause a lot of negative effects. Lack of sleep can cause effects like type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. My thinking about this issue is that it is extremely dangerous, depressing, and causes a lot of problems in your daily life. My thinking has changed because before I thought that lack of sleep isn’t that bad, but now after all this research, lack of sleep is dangerous with many negative affects.




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