Panic Attacks – Srimayaa

I chose this topic because I have a very close friend who faces bad panic attacks and I felt like I should teach everyone about how to deal with them and how they can alter your life forever. Sometimes I face mild panic attacks where I feel like running around and breaking everything in the room but, I am able to control myself. My friend has a panic disorder which is a whole lot more serious. Before I researched more about these attacks, I was watching a YouTube video from Zoe Sugg who was explaining her experience with panic attacks. She explained about the physical changes such as a shut down of the digestive system and a feeling like you are having a heart attack. She also explained the mental and emotional changes such as your mind telling your body to run away or facing depression. I only then understood that I was also facing a much, much milder version of this. I connect to this because I may never know when I can face full on panic and I already face it a bit. That is why it is so relevant to me. Many people face anxiety and a lot of the time, it starts in a persons teenage years. Anyone can get it (Although it is mostly genetic) so it is always important to know how to deal with this.

Before, I had only heard about panic attacks and I wasn’t quite sure what exactly they were. I made assumptions that they were something that occurred in people who were always worried. I found out that it was people who failed to teach themselves that the world is a safe place for them. Panic attacks in certain locations may be because of a failure or a dangerous situation in that place or because it has some relation to something bad that happened to the victim. I really think panic attacks are horrible and really bring nothing but sadness to a victim because it stops them from participating in activities they could have loved. But for me, the worst part that really surprised me, was that your digestive system will shut down during a panic attack. That means you could face almost 30 minutes in complete pain from your stomach. The reason why I hate this is because I have the weakest stomach and even the smallest thing like a little too much breakfast will make me want to throw up. Some people don’t understand the problems from panic attacks. They believe that it is just a bit of a worry and then you are fine. It is not. Like I mentioned before, panic attacks can ruin your life and can dampen your day just because you face all of those symptoms and you miss all those fun activities. This changed my thinking on wellness because I always thought that wellness was something about diseases. Although panic attacks are sort of like diseases, they have a lot to do with facing your fears and standing up for yourself which I believe is very important for staying healthy and happy, even if panic has taken away part of your life.

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