Shallow Water Blackout-An Hung-Le

Did you know that prolonged breath holding can be deadly? My topic for a health buzz is shallow water blackout. Shallow Water Blackout is a result of Hypoxia, or a lack of Oxygen to the brain. It is when your brain does not have enough oxygen, and has too much carbon dioxide, to tell the body to resurface. The first step to Shallow Water Blackout is hyperventilation, or rapid breathing.  As you start to hold your breath, the O2 levels drop, and the CO2 levels rise. The next step is unconsciousness You black out. The last step, is drowning. There are a few ways to prevent Shallow Water Blackout.  The first is to never swim alone. The next is to never hyperventilate. Another is to avoid playing breath holding games or exercises, and lastly, never resist the urge to breath.

A couple months ago, a high school student from ISB, a sister school, drowned. The cause was thought to be shallow water blackout. It was almost an hour before the school realized he was dead. This event can happen to anyone, even if you are fit and a regular swimmer. My connection to this topic is that I am a swimmer who spends a lot of time in the water. After researching, I found the preventions and causes of Shallow Water Blackout, and it is very important to know, because people are always trying to pass their limits.

I chose this picture because I thought that it was a cool slogan to show the results Shallow Water Blackout.


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