Potato Chips- Kohei

Paragraph 1

Topic I chose was potato chips. Reason why I chose this topic is that potato chips is  my favorite food and I wanted to know effects of potato chips.

Potato chips is very popular with everyone in the world because potato chips is inexpensive and delicious. It is usually sold for like two dollars. And there are so many flavors of potato chips such as salt or cheese. But there are some bad effects of potato chips. For example,  potato chips contain so much fat that eating potato chips makes you an obese child. And eating potato chips also raise risk of high blood pressure because the sodium in chips has negatively impact your blood vessel. These facts will be really surprising things for most of teenagers because teenagers love to eat potato chips and they don’t know how bad it is for their health. 

Paragraph 2

Things I learned about this issue is that potato chips has both good effects and bad effects. Good effect is chips are delicious and bad effects are it has too much fat. My thinking is that I should not eat too much potato chips. Things about high blood pressure was interesting for me because I didn’t know anything about high blood pressure. And researching about those bad effects was interesting because I didn’t really know how potato chips affect my body.

potato chips isolated on white background

potato chips isolated on white background

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