I chose cancer because I felt it was an interesting topic that impacts a large portion of the population, from either knowing someone who has or did have it, or from struggling with it yourself. This affects me because three of my grandparents, my father and multiple friends have had cancer. A specific type of cancer; Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma has been recorded less than four hundred times as of 2003. Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma is important to me because it is was what coaxed the passing of my Dad. This impacts teenagers because cancer can come at any age, including adolescence.
Cancer, in general, is an overgrowth of mutated cells that can often induce death if not treated properly. Although some types of cancer can be heavily delayed or stopped by a healthy living style, Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma cannot be prevented and has no known causes. Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma first appears in the soft tissue around the chest. It is usually unnoticeable until the tumor grows to the size of a fist and has side affects of severe chest pain. Despite the monstrous agony of excess tissue expanding within yourself, this stage is not deadly. However, more often than not, cancer spreads. In my father’s case, the cancer spread to his lungs and sapped all life until they were unusable. I am at a very high risk for cancer, therefore it was important to me to avoid the stupidity that comes with ignorance on a subject that is so drastic and probable, in my case. Learning about this has allowed me to cope better with the prevalence of cancer in my life.

Potato Chips- Kohei

Paragraph 1

Topic I chose was potato chips. Reason why I chose this topic is that potato chips is  my favorite food and I wanted to know effects of potato chips.

Potato chips is very popular with everyone in the world because potato chips is inexpensive and delicious. It is usually sold for like two dollars. And there are so many flavors of potato chips such as salt or cheese. But there are some bad effects of potato chips. For example,  potato chips contain so much fat that eating potato chips makes you an obese child. And eating potato chips also raise risk of high blood pressure because the sodium in chips has negatively impact your blood vessel. These facts will be really surprising things for most of teenagers because teenagers love to eat potato chips and they don’t know how bad it is for their health. 

Paragraph 2

Things I learned about this issue is that potato chips has both good effects and bad effects. Good effect is chips are delicious and bad effects are it has too much fat. My thinking is that I should not eat too much potato chips. Things about high blood pressure was interesting for me because I didn’t know anything about high blood pressure. And researching about those bad effects was interesting because I didn’t really know how potato chips affect my body.

potato chips isolated on white background

potato chips isolated on white background

Shallow Water Blackout-An Hung-Le

Did you know that prolonged breath holding can be deadly? My topic for a health buzz is shallow water blackout. Shallow Water Blackout is a result of Hypoxia, or a lack of Oxygen to the brain. It is when your brain does not have enough oxygen, and has too much carbon dioxide, to tell the body to resurface. The first step to Shallow Water Blackout is hyperventilation, or rapid breathing.  As you start to hold your breath, the O2 levels drop, and the CO2 levels rise. The next step is unconsciousness You black out. The last step, is drowning. There are a few ways to prevent Shallow Water Blackout.  The first is to never swim alone. The next is to never hyperventilate. Another is to avoid playing breath holding games or exercises, and lastly, never resist the urge to breath.

A couple months ago, a high school student from ISB, a sister school, drowned. The cause was thought to be shallow water blackout. It was almost an hour before the school realized he was dead. This event can happen to anyone, even if you are fit and a regular swimmer. My connection to this topic is that I am a swimmer who spends a lot of time in the water. After researching, I found the preventions and causes of Shallow Water Blackout, and it is very important to know, because people are always trying to pass their limits.

I chose this picture because I thought that it was a cool slogan to show the results Shallow Water Blackout.