Jenny – Autism

Paragraph 1 – What is your topic about

My topic is Autism. To put it simply, autism is the mental condition that is characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships and using language. Autism is the lifelong developmental disorder, characterized by them, affects how we communicate with, and relate to others. It can be caused by genetic and cognitive problem of brain. The symptom of autism appears in infancy or childhood. It generally begins after the age of six month and continue through adulthood. Autism has many negative effects on the individual, family, and society. However, we looked into three ways to overcome this issue including education, medication, and alternative medicine.

Paragraph 2: What is your biggest learning from this?

My biggest learning from Autism is that there is no perfect cure of Autism so that Autism is a lifelong disorder. Also I learned that the discriminations are still existed and I think it should be disappeared by expanding education about disorders including Autism.
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