The Affects Cocaine on humans -Jaden

I  chose cocaine because I had a friend in toronto who had a relative that had a cocaine addiction, this friend was very close to me. Cocaine ran his life and it was the only thing he thought or cared about. Cocaine had swallowed his life, and there was no way he could go back to his previous life.  I learned that Cocaine also physically destroys the areas that you apply them to, like the nasal cavity if snorted.

I now think that cocaine is a highway to destroying your life because of the ways that it mentally addicts you to it, and the way that it causes you to rely on it in your lows and let it consume your physical and mental needs. Physically it causes the arteries to retract, this means that the cocaine travels through the lungs, into the blood stream and to the brain, the brain then associates the cocaine with a feel-good feeling and remembers it by that feeling and gots hooked, craving the drug.

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