Asthma by Seve

I chose this topic because I know a lot of people in my life that have suffer from this  problem. Another reason I chose this was because of how common it is and I was very interested on how it was caused. Also, since I have asthma, I wanted to know what it really was and wanted to learn more about it in depth. It is also an interesting topic to me and got me very engaged in this issue. It affects my family because I have it and most of my other relatives have it. I already new it had to do with breathing and having a hard time with it. Asthma is important to me because I have it, and I wanted to know what happens what it does to my body. It affects teenagers because teenagers that do have asthma are usually in denial of having it since they don’t want to seem different. This makes the teenagers not take their medicine, leading into worse flare-ups and problems. Uncontrolled asthma can lead to low self-esteem and depression.

I learned that it had something to do with your with the airways or bronchial tubes tightening up, which makes it harder to inhale and exhale air. This expanded my learning by explaining to me what happens every time I have a hard time breathing, it also helped me learn that there is no cure, but taking medications will help massively. Something surprising is that this can make people depressed and lower their self- esteem, this was surprising since I didn’t know that struggling with breathing can make you feel bad about yourself. My thinking has changed by having me realise how cautious I should be with my environment and how I should treat my body by keeping it clean. People think asthma isn’t that bad to live with and it you can be completely normal, but if you get an asthma attack and no-one is there to help you, it can lead to some serious trouble, maybe even death. Asthma has no proper cure, but having a proper treatment plan will help drastically. This influences my learning about wellness, because we learned about smoking and smoking can cause this. We also learned about respect and with depression and low self esteem it is hard to respect yourself.



Stretching is a really important topic today. It is something that injures many people. but really little people actually bother about. If you do not stretch before exercising or doing any sport, you can injure yourself very seriously, which would stop you from doing sports later on. The proper stretching technic is to stretch all the muscles evenly, and not to move or jump while stretching any part of your body. I could connect this to my self, because I always get injured because of not stretching well, and to many famous professionals around the world, who get injured because of that too.

Benefits of Playing Video Games By Gian Marco

I chose this topic because my brother, a lot of my friends, and I play video games. This affects me because almost all of my friends play video games and their parents, including my parents think that video games gives off a negative impact on people who play video games. This affects my previous learning because my parents feed me information saying that video games are bad for you, but now that I think about it more, video games can go both directions. This is important because in the future, mainly in high school, a lot of students get bullied or have a hard time making friends, but video games make some kind of connection between people. This affects teenagers because 97% percent of teenagers play video games for at least one hour a day and they don’t know much about the benefits because their parents tell them that video games are bad for them.

I didn’t learn that many new things, but I did learn that it makes decision making easier and faster. This expanded my learning by research making the benefits more specific than a vague references of the benefits. I think that more teenagers and others should know about the benefits so that they feel more comfortable with playing video games. One benefit that surprised me was that video games make better surgeons. Study show that people who play games for more than 3 hours helps them make less errors while performing surgery. This will helps me in the future because I know that in 3 years I have to move because of my mother’s job meaning that I have to apply these benefits to my life in high school to make friends. Some misunderstandings that people have are that video games give the players inaccurate information about the setting or theme, but when looking at it in a closer way, the way the information is applied in a creative way. Some problems are that people, mainly parents, see video games are the work of the devil or something like that. While in reality, video games go both ways. This influences my view about wellness because I know wellness isn’t just about eating habits, substance abuse, puberty, reproduction. Wellness can be almost about everything from video games to choice making and many other topics.

Kimberly Rush – Epilepsy

What is epilepsy? How do people get it? These questions were some of the first I asked my parents when I found out that my cousin, Layne, had been diagnosed with the neurological disease. Many years later when we were given the Healthbuzz assignment, I knew that I was going to choose epilepsy, as I was curious as to what the condition actually was so that I could possibly understand my cousin better. I chose this topic due to the fact that my cousin, Layne, suffers from this medical disorder. It is relevant to me because she is one of my family members, as well as one of my closest cousins. This topic is important and affects teenagers, as anyone can contract epilepsy at any age (including their teenage years.) Teenagers with epilepsy can also feel worse about themselves for not “fitting in” and “being different.”

Some of the facts that I learned about this issue are that epilepsy is not a lifelong condition, meaning that you don’t have to live with the disorder for the entire extent of your life. I also found out that how people contract epilepsy is still a mystery to doctors, but they have found that it is not hereditary, nor is it contagious. I learned that epilepsy is a condition in which one suffers form unwarranted seizures that are cause by signals the brain sends to the muscles; an overload of those signals causes the seizures. This incurable condition affects approximately 65 million people worldwide, and an estimated 3 million Americans make up part of the total number. My summary of the issue is that epilepsy is a medical disorder that causes seizures and affects people of all ages, genders, and races. After conducting this research, my thinking of this topic has greatly changed; I used to think that epilepsy was a life-long condition, only affected a certain type of person, and was hereditary. I now know that epilepsy can affect anyone, regardless of gender, race, or age.

72epilepsy-awareness-training.jpg (5100×3400)

This image is related to my issue, as it shows the signals sent to the brain that can cause unwarranted seizures.

Pahal – Music Effects the Brain

I chose to investigate how music can affect your brain and health because I think that this is a way of solving many health related problems. Everyone has access to some type of music, and if we can find a way to successfully use that to reduce the amount of medicine and drugs being diagnosed, music can make the world a better place. I have many connections to music because my family loves music, and we listen to it in as many environments as we can. I have listened to in before and after homework, before sleeping, while doing chores, in the car or the school bus and in a countless number of other places. Learning about the effects of music is very important to me and it is relevant to my personal lifestyle because, as I said before, I listen to it every day. I absolutely love music and am associated with it through listening, writing and playing. I often find that on days when I don’t listen to my regular amount of music or do not have access to the kinds that I like, I become sad and cannot focus on schoolwork or homework. It also happens when I do not have enough time to practice my instruments. Before I had done this research on music and effects it has on the brain, I wondered if my sensitivity to music was just because I had lived with it for my entire life or because I had become too dependent on it to make me happy. After doing this research, I now know that music has effects on everyone, from babies to teenagers to even adults. The way that music makes a teenager – or, anyone – feel can massively change their moods and actions. Teenagers could easily use it to improve their focus and performance in school and even on exams. Lastly, people going through any type of disorder or illness can use music as a way to reduce their pain and make them happy.

Through my research on this topic, I have learned that certain categories such as mood, enjoyment and arousal/engagement can have major effects on what the brain perceives. For example doing something that makes one happy or excited can do anything from increasing focus and creativity, to boosting immunity, to even making someone perform better on an exam. It can also decrease pain and aid people who have illnesses such as depression, strokes and chronic pains. Scientists have found that music has among the greatest effects within the categories of enjoyment and engagement, and listening to certain types of music (mainly classical) can help to do the things listed above. In summary, music has major affects on the brain because of its ability to change one’s mindset greatly. Finding the results I did in this research has altered my thinking. I used to think that only people could affect one’s mood enough for it to make a deep difference in their brain. I now know that music has a greater affect on a person and can evoke stronger feelings than most interactions.


This picture shows a child in a hospital playing a guitar to make himself feel better. Most may say that it’s just a distraction, but if he enjoys playing it enough, this child’s recovery might run smoother. The music can relieve pain and stress, and reduce his anxiety. What this child is doing could help him greatly in the long run.

Hypnophobia – Henri

I chose this topic because sleep is a need for humans, and I feel very relaxed when I am sleeping. Hypnophobia is an irrational or an excessive fear of sleep. It is a phobia anyone can get from past experiences, like repetitive nightmares, or wanting to take back the time you lost while sleeping. I found this relevant to me because like I said, sleep is a need for humans. People who suffer from this phobia experience Nausea, dry mouth, trembling, irregular heartbeat, and many more when thinking about sleep, talking about sleep, or trying to sleep. This affects teenagers because anyone can get this phobia from negative experiences with sleep.

I learned that this phobia can cause a lot of negative effects. Lack of sleep can cause effects like type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure. My thinking about this issue is that it is extremely dangerous, depressing, and causes a lot of problems in your daily life. My thinking has changed because before I thought that lack of sleep isn’t that bad, but now after all this research, lack of sleep is dangerous with many negative affects.




Panic Attacks – Srimayaa

I chose this topic because I have a very close friend who faces bad panic attacks and I felt like I should teach everyone about how to deal with them and how they can alter your life forever. Sometimes I face mild panic attacks where I feel like running around and breaking everything in the room but, I am able to control myself. My friend has a panic disorder which is a whole lot more serious. Before I researched more about these attacks, I was watching a YouTube video from Zoe Sugg who was explaining her experience with panic attacks. She explained about the physical changes such as a shut down of the digestive system and a feeling like you are having a heart attack. She also explained the mental and emotional changes such as your mind telling your body to run away or facing depression. I only then understood that I was also facing a much, much milder version of this. I connect to this because I may never know when I can face full on panic and I already face it a bit. That is why it is so relevant to me. Many people face anxiety and a lot of the time, it starts in a persons teenage years. Anyone can get it (Although it is mostly genetic) so it is always important to know how to deal with this.

Before, I had only heard about panic attacks and I wasn’t quite sure what exactly they were. I made assumptions that they were something that occurred in people who were always worried. I found out that it was people who failed to teach themselves that the world is a safe place for them. Panic attacks in certain locations may be because of a failure or a dangerous situation in that place or because it has some relation to something bad that happened to the victim. I really think panic attacks are horrible and really bring nothing but sadness to a victim because it stops them from participating in activities they could have loved. But for me, the worst part that really surprised me, was that your digestive system will shut down during a panic attack. That means you could face almost 30 minutes in complete pain from your stomach. The reason why I hate this is because I have the weakest stomach and even the smallest thing like a little too much breakfast will make me want to throw up. Some people don’t understand the problems from panic attacks. They believe that it is just a bit of a worry and then you are fine. It is not. Like I mentioned before, panic attacks can ruin your life and can dampen your day just because you face all of those symptoms and you miss all those fun activities. This changed my thinking on wellness because I always thought that wellness was something about diseases. Although panic attacks are sort of like diseases, they have a lot to do with facing your fears and standing up for yourself which I believe is very important for staying healthy and happy, even if panic has taken away part of your life.

Media Moments

Throughout this unit, we will be discussing topics in smaller groups and you will be tasked with taking notes on your Wellness Drives on specific media resources.

Individually, in pairs or in small groups, watch ALL of the sources outlined in BLUE, and discuss the main points of each video, making sure to take clear notes.





Once you’ve finished, select 3 of the 5 following sources to view, discuss, and take notes on:

1)  Endocrine system

2)  Hormones:

3)  Growth:

4)  Menstrual Cycle/Period

5)  Kids Health menstrual cycle




I chose cancer because I felt it was an interesting topic that impacts a large portion of the population, from either knowing someone who has or did have it, or from struggling with it yourself. This affects me because three of my grandparents, my father and multiple friends have had cancer. A specific type of cancer; Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma has been recorded less than four hundred times as of 2003. Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma is important to me because it is was what coaxed the passing of my Dad. This impacts teenagers because cancer can come at any age, including adolescence.
Cancer, in general, is an overgrowth of mutated cells that can often induce death if not treated properly. Although some types of cancer can be heavily delayed or stopped by a healthy living style, Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma cannot be prevented and has no known causes. Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma first appears in the soft tissue around the chest. It is usually unnoticeable until the tumor grows to the size of a fist and has side affects of severe chest pain. Despite the monstrous agony of excess tissue expanding within yourself, this stage is not deadly. However, more often than not, cancer spreads. In my father’s case, the cancer spread to his lungs and sapped all life until they were unusable. I am at a very high risk for cancer, therefore it was important to me to avoid the stupidity that comes with ignorance on a subject that is so drastic and probable, in my case. Learning about this has allowed me to cope better with the prevalence of cancer in my life.

Potato Chips- Kohei

Paragraph 1

Topic I chose was potato chips. Reason why I chose this topic is that potato chips is  my favorite food and I wanted to know effects of potato chips.

Potato chips is very popular with everyone in the world because potato chips is inexpensive and delicious. It is usually sold for like two dollars. And there are so many flavors of potato chips such as salt or cheese. But there are some bad effects of potato chips. For example,  potato chips contain so much fat that eating potato chips makes you an obese child. And eating potato chips also raise risk of high blood pressure because the sodium in chips has negatively impact your blood vessel. These facts will be really surprising things for most of teenagers because teenagers love to eat potato chips and they don’t know how bad it is for their health. 

Paragraph 2

Things I learned about this issue is that potato chips has both good effects and bad effects. Good effect is chips are delicious and bad effects are it has too much fat. My thinking is that I should not eat too much potato chips. Things about high blood pressure was interesting for me because I didn’t know anything about high blood pressure. And researching about those bad effects was interesting because I didn’t really know how potato chips affect my body.

potato chips isolated on white background

potato chips isolated on white background