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Paragraph 1


So I choose this topic because I wanted to know more on what sports can give you more than only physical benefits.


This topic affects me and my family because we are a family that does a lot of sports and I also do a lot of sports so I wanted to know more about what can sports can give you.


I already knew that sports can give you physical benefits, can help you stay fit, can give you more physical and can reinforce your body, but I wanted to know more.


So I can connect to this topic, because I do a lot of sports and that sports is a big part of my life, and I already had some lesson where I was learning about being healthy and sports is a good way to stay fit but I knew that there was more so I wanted to make my health buzz on this topic, all the things that I knew was things that I learned in a class, but I wanted to know more.


So as I have already said before this research is relevant to me because sports is a big part of my life and it is one thing that I do a lot, and I think that sport is very important for your youth development so I wanted to do my Health Buzz on it.


This issue is relevant to teenagers because it is important to do sports to improve your physical, mental and psychological health as a teenagers


Paragraph 2


In this issue, I learned that sport is very important for youth development (also teenagers) because sports can give you higher, expectations (grades), and attainment, greater personal confidence and self-esteem, greater connections with school— that is, greater attachment and support from adults, stronger peer relationships, greater family attachment and more frequent interactions with parents, more restraint in avoiding risky behavior, greater involvement in volunteer work, all of that because you might have some connections with the teachers in sports and this can make a good relationship with the teacher and the same with your parents. When, you would like to go make some sports, you can go with your parents and this will reinforce your relationship. Sports can make you more confident because after making sports, you feel more ready to confront any problems. Also many studies focus on the effects of sport on the five “C’s”—competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring—which are considered critical components of positive youth development. Sports may also reduce anxiety and stress. So sports also improves your social interaction.


This issue expands my learning because, I thought that sports could only improve your physical health and your self esteem, so that learning gave my more knowledge on what sports.


I think that what I found is true because by making sports I feel more confident and self-esteem and because of sports I was able to make more connections with friends at school and I also have greater expectation for my future, so I think that we should do sports because it is a good way to improve your youth development.


One thing that really surprised me is that many studies focus on the effects of sport on the five “C’s”—competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring, I was surprised because I didn’t think that many studies was focusing on this subject and it was also surprising that the five “C’s” were all of them important for your youth development.


My thinking slightly changed because before I thought that sports could just improve your self-esteem, confidence, I didn’t think that sports could improve your school performance. But in my thinking, I always thought that sports was important and could improve your lifestyle.


I don’t really have any misunderstanding because I can connect to all the advantages/benefits of sports, so I don’t really have any misunderstanding.


Some problem/disadvantage of this issue is that to have does advantage you should do sports regularly, for example three times a week, it shouldn’t be like once a month, so the problem is that it takes time but it is worth it, so if you don’t have any time to do sports this is a problem because it takes a lot of time to do sports, not sports of 15 minutes, sports should be at least 1 hour or more. So you should make some time for sports if you want to improve your lifestyle by doing sports, you might need to remove things in your schedule, for example if one of your things in your schedule is playing 5 hours of video games. You could reduce it by two hours so you can get 3 hours of sport additional, for example.


I am sure that some people can connect to this issue, and I can connect this issue with the healthy unit in wellness.

Clinical Depression – Leela Hasan

Clinical depression, I chose clinical depression as the topic for my health buzz because, I have been surrounded by people who talk about depression and other mental illnesses since I was a little kid. This is because, my Mum is a psychologist and she has often worked with teens and young adults who’ve dealt with clinical depression and/or are suicidal. So I have often wondered what depression really is past feeling bad. Not to mention that clinical depression and other mental illness are often talked about on many of the social media platforms I use. Additionally there have been a few people in my family who have dealt with depression. Although, since my mum works in a field where this is what they help deal with daily, I knew a little bit about the subject before hand. For example before this I knew that depression was a mental illness, and I knew a majority of the side effects such as cutting, fatigue, hypersomnia or insomnia, etc… I also knew that it is a common mental illness and effects majorly teens and young adults. Clinical depression relates to some of my previous units/learnings because it is caused by stress, and stress is both part of the emotional and mental well being part of the 6 areas of wellness, which is what we had learned before. As said before this issue is important to me because there are people in my family who’ve had to deal with it, which not only concerns me because they are my family, but because it means that it is very likely I may be depressed one day, or one of my friends one day. Additionally clinical depression affects teenagers as a whole because teenagers happen to be the most susceptible to  clinical depression of all the age groups. Not to mention that the majority of teens now stay indoors out of sunlight which lowers their serotonin levels and have high levels of stress due to the amounts of homework they receive and the pressure that is put on them to get into a good college, which also lowers their levels of serotonin.
Some things I have learned about clinical depression are, that the reason a person’s mindset changes when they have depression is because depression starts when a person’s serotonin or happy neuron level is decreasing. Not only that, but the reason a person’s serotonin levels drop is due to rising stress levels, and lack of sunlight. I also learned that there are many things that trigger people’s depression. For example  a person doesn’t need a major change or medical past,  just somthing like a person’s genetics or gene pool can trigger their depression after their stress levels rise. Also that it is commonly seen around people with what may seem perfectly happy lives or good lives, people such as celebrities, or kids. This expanded my thinking and concept of clinical depression because, it made me realise that there are a lot of people out there with clinical depression, the majority of them around my age or older, and that depression is something that people can deal with even though it may control a person’s mind. This was also something I found to be quite interesting and/or surprising because I always used to think that the majority of people who had depression would be older and starting to worry about their age, health, and overall well being or about paying for college loans. Also I found it surprising that a person who is depressed always feels bad not because that’s just their mindsetmechanism-of-depression mechanism-of-depression

Effects of video games – Samhit

At a glance, most people think that all of the effects are negative, I was one of those people until I started researching.

After reading through several websites I found that a moderate amount of playing video games can actually help you. I found that in moderation, video games may have positive effects on academics or student performance. One study relating to numerical analysis portrayed that students who played video games experienced significantly more intellectual intensity, intrinsic motivation, positive affect and overall student engagement. This proves that video games aren’t all bad like we all think. Another pro is that video games improves your decision making skills. Playing multiplayer can help to make new friends and meet new people.

Although there are these positive effects of video games, there are also a few negative effects from playing video games which can include your eyesight being decreased from stress on the retinas. Child obesity is one dangerous effect of video games because kids just sit at home all day staring at the tv or computer without getting proper exercise and increased fat levels because of the excess calories not being burned off. It can also cause aggression or violence in people of all ages if overplayed and if you are playing a violent video game. The greatest con from playing video games is that your brain wants more and more of that sort of entertainment which eventually leads to addiction and makes you do all of the things previously listed and more.

In conclusion, in limited amounts such as 1-2 hours a day video games can be very beneficial to our minds and body. Although this is true you have to limit yourself to keep yourself from negative effects.

I chose this topic because I’m one of those people who plays too many video games and I now realize from this research that I should cut it down a little

What’s a Good Warm-up Routine? -Sam

The definition of a warm up is an routine or a procedure done before an activity. But there is no set definition for a good warm up. But my definition is being both physically, and mentally prepared for the task ahead. A good warm up is necessary for everyone. This applies to people that both do, and don’t exercise regularly . This is because even if you don’t exercise regularly,  you still need to warm  up your mind to put it in the right mindset. This means that if you are playing soccer you are thinking of soccer, and not school.   A good warm up includes all of the component of fitness. Muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and body composition, (BMI). Including this in your warm up will benefit whatever sport you are doing. 3 key tips in having a good warm up is dynamic mobility, movement specific preparation, and joint integrity. Dynamic mobility is allowing multiple parts of the body to move in safe direction. This tip is closely related to the component of fitness of flexibility. Movement specific preparation is turning on the parts of your brain that will be needed for the work out/activity.  This does not mean only warm up your feet if you are playing soccer. You should still warm up your body, but stress on your feet. And last is joint integrity. Joint integrity is moving and stretching the muscles so that during the activity, they will not get sore, or cramped up.


There is no set or universal warm up routine. It all depends on the task ahead. For example, if you are going to play baseball, you wouldn’t practice kicking. But something to remember while doing a warm up is keep it consistent. This means that if you have set your routine for 50 push ups, you should complete 50 push ups. Having a good warm up doesn’t mean going into the position, and just stop. It means going through correct form and technique. This is because if you just do it wrong, there is no point in having a warm up routine.
I choose this topic for my health buzz is because I am not the best at warming up. I always do the warm up wrong, and take the shortcut, and I always wonder why I my joints hurt, and get cramps. Even though I knew the consequences of not warming up properly, I still chose not to. Some of the biggest effects that has been seen in our grade level is pulling a muscle. This means if youScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.35.45 AM don’t warm up, or stretch your muscles properly, then all of a sudden do an awkward position. You have a chance of pulling a muscle.