Health Buzz – Silicosis – Nathanial Dubois

One reason why I chose this main topic was because I was trying to find a health issue that was more interesting than the one that I WAS going to do which was cancer. I found my studying about pneumonoultramicroscopics-ilicovolcano- coniosis surprisingly interesting, from the fact that I have never even heard of such a disease, that was harmful enough to kill. I found it interesting how the silica dust, which is the what can cause the disease, acts as blades, and makes torn tissue in your lungs, and affects your alveolar sacs which help clear the mucus and coughing sources from your lungs. I connected with this topic, not for the reason that I have had any contact with anyone with this disease or anything, but mostly because of the scientific word used to describe this. It’s been in my family how we used to try saying these words when I was younger, and now that I can finally understand what it actually is, and that I can present it to others was really good for me, and for others so that they can see the dangers of doing such activities that include the risk of the inhalation of silica dust.


I have learned a lot when I was doing this topic. For one thing, I have learned that whenever people reference this disease, they don’t reference it with the huge word and everything. They usually call it silicosis, which I found was sad, since the real reason I chose this topic, was mostly because of how the word was used. I also learned a lot about the different types of silicosis, and how these different ways can affect you. Other things that I have learned was that how silica dust can affect your lungs in a very long term way, and affect. How they acted in my perspective like blades, which creates torn tissue in the lungs, and how it affects the alveolar sacs, which helps clear mucus, and coughing sources in your lungs. This explains one of the symptoms, for lack of breathing, and chest pains. Overall, I learned a lot about a disease I have never heard of, and how dangerous this disease can be to your body, and others.




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