Deja Vu- Hannah

I chose this topic- Deja Vu because sometimes I experience it, my friends, and members of my family do so, too. Deja Vu means “already seen” in French. It is when a person feels as if they have experienced something before, even though they have never encountered or have been familiar with it at all. Before this project, I had heard of the term and knew it was some type of unreal experience. Some of my experiences include, seeing a certain object that I feel like I’ve seen before, and going to a place I feel as if I’ve visited before. Sometimes I One of my family members says that they sometimes feel that they have been to a certain place, like a house by the ocean, but they have never seen the house before. Deja Vu is not only experienced by adults, it is more likely for teenagers and young adults to feel it.

I learned that Deja Vu is not lethal but rather a mental feeling a person can go through. Scientists reason that it happens when the systematic functioning of the brain goes through distortion and it messed up our memory for just a fraction of a second. Deja Vu occurs very briefly, for only about 25 milliseconds. It occurs erratically and suddenly without prediction, and this is what makes Deja Vu especially hard to study. It has a fragile link to our short-term memory recollection. The connection made between the object someone has seen and the resolution that they have seen it before is very fuzzy. We don’t clearly remember it, but we remember a vague connection between the two. In the past, misconceptions have been made about Deja Vu, and scientists used to describe it as only a glitch of the brain, but clearly, it isn’t. I used to think that Deja Vu was hallucinating, but researching on this issue me realise that Deja Vu is a temporary interruption of our short-term memory. What I think will happen in the near future is that scientists will be able to uncover more about this inconsistent “already seen” feeling, and learn more about the inner depths of our brain.deja-vu

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