Healthbuzz : Emetophobia – India

The topic I chose for my health buzz is emetophobia, and the word itself does not look like what it actually means. Emetophobia is a phobia for those people who are afraid of vomiting, and I, myself suffer from this phobia. Emetophobia effects people of all ages, and the thought of throwing up is forever stuck to their minds. Teens and anyone else who suffers from this phobia also suffer from either severe anxiety, anorexia, or both, which is definitely not a good thing. Ever since I was at least 3 years old I’ve had this phobia. I remember at just 5 years old sprinting my way to hide in a closet just to get away from my little brother throwing up.

This issue expanded my learning because at first, I honestly had no idea that what I was suffering until I realised it actually had a name and that I was not alone. I was especially surprised when I saw how may people actually can relate to me. I don’t think that people really understand much about emetophobics because after doing deep research on it was I really able to understand the deeper meanings of it. People don’t understand the fear the creeps over emetophobics on a daily basis, and the effects it can do to their bodies. This has expanded my learning in wellness because after learning about emetophobia and how underrated it was, I began to think about others who suffer from phobias that no one knows about, and what they might be going through. To conclude, it is important that in wellness I stay active and listening because there are so many people out there suffering from all kinds of things that half of the world may not even know about.


I chose this photo because I think that it is a true representation of what emetophobics go through all of the time. Not even as an emetophobic myself did I know what it even was. I would also like to point out that in the photo it says the more than 8% of the population may suffer from emetophobia. This means that emetophoics themselves might not even know they have it, which means that that number could shoot up anytime someone does the smallest bit of research on it.