Rosa Elias- Cholesterol

I choose this particular issue because, I have high cholesterol  from my dad. The cholesterol studies and I actually enjoyed my learning. Cholesterol doesn’t exactly affect me/my family since in order to get LDL you need to really have a horrid type of diet or have a food disorder, by saying this I mean that normally most people get LDL by eating high fat food such as bacon,eggs,sausage and other food that contain saturated fats. In order for me and my family to not get affected by this we should control more often what we eat and when we eat it. I already knew a few thing’s since I have LDL then they kind of explain both. I already knew the causes of LDL since in Wellness we have learned about it’s causes. My connections to this are that 1) I have a similar problem to this by having the “bad” one from my dad 2) that in Wellness, we have learned a bit about LDL. This issue is relevant to me since,  anyone could have LDL, so knowing about this earlier can help prevent getting LDL when people are in an older age. This problem highly affects teenagers since, at that age normally most of them don’t care or don’t pay attention to what they are eating, so if they knew about this earlier then, they could of helped prevent their LDL levels getting to high and face it’s consequences.


I learned quite a few thing’s about LDL. This type of cholesterol is very bad for you and your health. It all starts when you eat way more than the normal recommended amount of saturated fats. Then the more and more you it it the fats build up some sort of ‘wall’ where the red blood cells pass in order to get to your heart but, if the passage is blocked then they can not go through and you can have very serious problems. This expanded my learning since now I have a much deeper understanding of LDL and HDL and now I feel like I could teach a whole lesson about this topic since I have HDL but, at the same time I know both! My opinion is very wide since I actually enjoy learning about this and that  I think that this is very important for kid’s my age to know this at this certain age range. I found manny surprising thing’s especially about the saturated fats wich I thought were meant to be the Fats just in general instead of one specific point. My thinking has changed a lot, and it can be applied to manny new situations since this is very important for us to know and understand. There are few understanding about this topic, most people think that LDL means that you eat too manny unhealthy food, and that’s all, this is partially true but it also fills up your arteries blocking the red blood cells. Some ways of fixing this problem are that we can prevent people form getting LDL. This has influenced my thinking about wellness since I normally thought that Wellness was just a program of well being, but in fact it’s much more than that and It can teach manny live lessons.

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Shallow Water Blackout – Mayako

I chose this issue because recently there was an accident in ISB and an 11th grader drowned in the pool after a water polo training session. The cause is thought to be shallow water blackout. My connections to this issue is that I swim regularly and this can happen to you even if you are healthy and can swim. Researching about this told me the outcomes and prevention of the the blackout. This is important because it can happen to anyone that swims even if you are confident in your swimming. It relates to teenagers because a lot of teens want to push past their limit and want to try harder when swimming which may cause them to have a blackout.

Shallow water blackout happens when you are swimming and the oxygen levels in your brain get extremely low from holding your breath but you don’t feel like you need any air. At this point your brain doesn’t have enough oxygen to tell your body to breathe or to go up to the surface. Eventually, you have no more power, faint in the water and then drown. Although the main cause is not knowing how to swim, some are caused by kids or teenagers challenging their friend to a breath holding contest. Not wanting to lose they will push themselves past their limits. This can also happen when a teen wants to push themselves to be a faster swimmer and go over the top. Before I thought that this could only happen to people who couldn’t swim and was similar to drowning. However, now I know that it can happen to anybody. This made me realise that it is easy to get an injury even if you are perfectly healthy.