Effects of video games – Samhit

At a glance, most people think that all of the effects are negative, I was one of those people until I started researching.

After reading through several websites I found that a moderate amount of playing video games can actually help you. I found that in moderation, video games may have positive effects on academics or student performance. One study relating to numerical analysis portrayed that students who played video games experienced significantly more intellectual intensity, intrinsic motivation, positive affect and overall student engagement. This proves that video games aren’t all bad like we all think. Another pro is that video games improves your decision making skills. Playing multiplayer can help to make new friends and meet new people.

Although there are these positive effects of video games, there are also a few negative effects from playing video games which can include your eyesight being decreased from stress on the retinas. Child obesity is one dangerous effect of video games because kids just sit at home all day staring at the tv or computer without getting proper exercise and increased fat levels because of the excess calories not being burned off. It can also cause aggression or violence in people of all ages if overplayed and if you are playing a violent video game. The greatest con from playing video games is that your brain wants more and more of that sort of entertainment which eventually leads to addiction and makes you do all of the things previously listed and more.

In conclusion, in limited amounts such as 1-2 hours a day video games can be very beneficial to our minds and body. Although this is true you have to limit yourself to keep yourself from negative effects.

I chose this topic because I’m one of those people who plays too many video games and I now realize from this research that I should cut it down a little