What’s a Good Warm-up Routine? -Sam

The definition of a warm up is an routine or a procedure done before an activity. But there is no set definition for a good warm up. But my definition is being both physically, and mentally prepared for the task ahead. A good warm up is necessary for everyone. This applies to people that both do, and don’t exercise regularly . This is because even if you don’t exercise regularly,  you still need to warm  up your mind to put it in the right mindset. This means that if you are playing soccer you are thinking of soccer, and not school.   A good warm up includes all of the component of fitness. Muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, and body composition, (BMI). Including this in your warm up will benefit whatever sport you are doing. 3 key tips in having a good warm up is dynamic mobility, movement specific preparation, and joint integrity. Dynamic mobility is allowing multiple parts of the body to move in safe direction. This tip is closely related to the component of fitness of flexibility. Movement specific preparation is turning on the parts of your brain that will be needed for the work out/activity.  This does not mean only warm up your feet if you are playing soccer. You should still warm up your body, but stress on your feet. And last is joint integrity. Joint integrity is moving and stretching the muscles so that during the activity, they will not get sore, or cramped up.


There is no set or universal warm up routine. It all depends on the task ahead. For example, if you are going to play baseball, you wouldn’t practice kicking. But something to remember while doing a warm up is keep it consistent. This means that if you have set your routine for 50 push ups, you should complete 50 push ups. Having a good warm up doesn’t mean going into the position, and just stop. It means going through correct form and technique. This is because if you just do it wrong, there is no point in having a warm up routine.
I choose this topic for my health buzz is because I am not the best at warming up. I always do the warm up wrong, and take the shortcut, and I always wonder why I my joints hurt, and get cramps. Even though I knew the consequences of not warming up properly, I still chose not to. Some of the biggest effects that has been seen in our grade level is pulling a muscle. This means if youScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 7.35.45 AM don’t warm up, or stretch your muscles properly, then all of a sudden do an awkward position. You have a chance of pulling a muscle.