Health Buzz – Silicosis – Nathanial Dubois

One reason why I chose this main topic was because I was trying to find a health issue that was more interesting than the one that I WAS going to do which was cancer. I found my studying about pneumonoultramicroscopics-ilicovolcano- coniosis surprisingly interesting, from the fact that I have never even heard of such a disease, that was harmful enough to kill. I found it interesting how the silica dust, which is the what can cause the disease, acts as blades, and makes torn tissue in your lungs, and affects your alveolar sacs which help clear the mucus and coughing sources from your lungs. I connected with this topic, not for the reason that I have had any contact with anyone with this disease or anything, but mostly because of the scientific word used to describe this. It’s been in my family how we used to try saying these words when I was younger, and now that I can finally understand what it actually is, and that I can present it to others was really good for me, and for others so that they can see the dangers of doing such activities that include the risk of the inhalation of silica dust.


I have learned a lot when I was doing this topic. For one thing, I have learned that whenever people reference this disease, they don’t reference it with the huge word and everything. They usually call it silicosis, which I found was sad, since the real reason I chose this topic, was mostly because of how the word was used. I also learned a lot about the different types of silicosis, and how these different ways can affect you. Other things that I have learned was that how silica dust can affect your lungs in a very long term way, and affect. How they acted in my perspective like blades, which creates torn tissue in the lungs, and how it affects the alveolar sacs, which helps clear mucus, and coughing sources in your lungs. This explains one of the symptoms, for lack of breathing, and chest pains. Overall, I learned a lot about a disease I have never heard of, and how dangerous this disease can be to your body, and others.




Deja Vu- Hannah

I chose this topic- Deja Vu because sometimes I experience it, my friends, and members of my family do so, too. Deja Vu means “already seen” in French. It is when a person feels as if they have experienced something before, even though they have never encountered or have been familiar with it at all. Before this project, I had heard of the term and knew it was some type of unreal experience. Some of my experiences include, seeing a certain object that I feel like I’ve seen before, and going to a place I feel as if I’ve visited before. Sometimes I One of my family members says that they sometimes feel that they have been to a certain place, like a house by the ocean, but they have never seen the house before. Deja Vu is not only experienced by adults, it is more likely for teenagers and young adults to feel it.

I learned that Deja Vu is not lethal but rather a mental feeling a person can go through. Scientists reason that it happens when the systematic functioning of the brain goes through distortion and it messed up our memory for just a fraction of a second. Deja Vu occurs very briefly, for only about 25 milliseconds. It occurs erratically and suddenly without prediction, and this is what makes Deja Vu especially hard to study. It has a fragile link to our short-term memory recollection. The connection made between the object someone has seen and the resolution that they have seen it before is very fuzzy. We don’t clearly remember it, but we remember a vague connection between the two. In the past, misconceptions have been made about Deja Vu, and scientists used to describe it as only a glitch of the brain, but clearly, it isn’t. I used to think that Deja Vu was hallucinating, but researching on this issue me realise that Deja Vu is a temporary interruption of our short-term memory. What I think will happen in the near future is that scientists will be able to uncover more about this inconsistent “already seen” feeling, and learn more about the inner depths of our brain.deja-vu

Healthbuzz : Emetophobia – India

The topic I chose for my health buzz is emetophobia, and the word itself does not look like what it actually means. Emetophobia is a phobia for those people who are afraid of vomiting, and I, myself suffer from this phobia. Emetophobia effects people of all ages, and the thought of throwing up is forever stuck to their minds. Teens and anyone else who suffers from this phobia also suffer from either severe anxiety, anorexia, or both, which is definitely not a good thing. Ever since I was at least 3 years old I’ve had this phobia. I remember at just 5 years old sprinting my way to hide in a closet just to get away from my little brother throwing up.

This issue expanded my learning because at first, I honestly had no idea that what I was suffering until I realised it actually had a name and that I was not alone. I was especially surprised when I saw how may people actually can relate to me. I don’t think that people really understand much about emetophobics because after doing deep research on it was I really able to understand the deeper meanings of it. People don’t understand the fear the creeps over emetophobics on a daily basis, and the effects it can do to their bodies. This has expanded my learning in wellness because after learning about emetophobia and how underrated it was, I began to think about others who suffer from phobias that no one knows about, and what they might be going through. To conclude, it is important that in wellness I stay active and listening because there are so many people out there suffering from all kinds of things that half of the world may not even know about.


I chose this photo because I think that it is a true representation of what emetophobics go through all of the time. Not even as an emetophobic myself did I know what it even was. I would also like to point out that in the photo it says the more than 8% of the population may suffer from emetophobia. This means that emetophoics themselves might not even know they have it, which means that that number could shoot up anytime someone does the smallest bit of research on it.



Rosa Elias- Cholesterol

I choose this particular issue because, I have high cholesterol  from my dad. The cholesterol studies and I actually enjoyed my learning. Cholesterol doesn’t exactly affect me/my family since in order to get LDL you need to really have a horrid type of diet or have a food disorder, by saying this I mean that normally most people get LDL by eating high fat food such as bacon,eggs,sausage and other food that contain saturated fats. In order for me and my family to not get affected by this we should control more often what we eat and when we eat it. I already knew a few thing’s since I have LDL then they kind of explain both. I already knew the causes of LDL since in Wellness we have learned about it’s causes. My connections to this are that 1) I have a similar problem to this by having the “bad” one from my dad 2) that in Wellness, we have learned a bit about LDL. This issue is relevant to me since,  anyone could have LDL, so knowing about this earlier can help prevent getting LDL when people are in an older age. This problem highly affects teenagers since, at that age normally most of them don’t care or don’t pay attention to what they are eating, so if they knew about this earlier then, they could of helped prevent their LDL levels getting to high and face it’s consequences.


I learned quite a few thing’s about LDL. This type of cholesterol is very bad for you and your health. It all starts when you eat way more than the normal recommended amount of saturated fats. Then the more and more you it it the fats build up some sort of ‘wall’ where the red blood cells pass in order to get to your heart but, if the passage is blocked then they can not go through and you can have very serious problems. This expanded my learning since now I have a much deeper understanding of LDL and HDL and now I feel like I could teach a whole lesson about this topic since I have HDL but, at the same time I know both! My opinion is very wide since I actually enjoy learning about this and that  I think that this is very important for kid’s my age to know this at this certain age range. I found manny surprising thing’s especially about the saturated fats wich I thought were meant to be the Fats just in general instead of one specific point. My thinking has changed a lot, and it can be applied to manny new situations since this is very important for us to know and understand. There are few understanding about this topic, most people think that LDL means that you eat too manny unhealthy food, and that’s all, this is partially true but it also fills up your arteries blocking the red blood cells. Some ways of fixing this problem are that we can prevent people form getting LDL. This has influenced my thinking about wellness since I normally thought that Wellness was just a program of well being, but in fact it’s much more than that and It can teach manny live lessons.

low red blood cell count (1)


Shallow Water Blackout – Mayako

I chose this issue because recently there was an accident in ISB and an 11th grader drowned in the pool after a water polo training session. The cause is thought to be shallow water blackout. My connections to this issue is that I swim regularly and this can happen to you even if you are healthy and can swim. Researching about this told me the outcomes and prevention of the the blackout. This is important because it can happen to anyone that swims even if you are confident in your swimming. It relates to teenagers because a lot of teens want to push past their limit and want to try harder when swimming which may cause them to have a blackout.

Shallow water blackout happens when you are swimming and the oxygen levels in your brain get extremely low from holding your breath but you don’t feel like you need any air. At this point your brain doesn’t have enough oxygen to tell your body to breathe or to go up to the surface. Eventually, you have no more power, faint in the water and then drown. Although the main cause is not knowing how to swim, some are caused by kids or teenagers challenging their friend to a breath holding contest. Not wanting to lose they will push themselves past their limits. This can also happen when a teen wants to push themselves to be a faster swimmer and go over the top. Before I thought that this could only happen to people who couldn’t swim and was similar to drowning. However, now I know that it can happen to anybody. This made me realise that it is easy to get an injury even if you are perfectly healthy.


The Effects of Negative Body Image – Abhipsha

(This image relates to this issue because this is something that we should all focus on. We are all made different, and if we weren’t, this world would be one boring place. Most of all we should learn to love ourselves no matter.)

Body Image is the way you perceive your body. There are two types of body image. The first type, “positive body image”, is when you love yourself no matter what you look like. The second type “negative body image” is when you are insecure about your appearance and you don’t like the way you look. The reason I chose this topic is because I know many people, who are constantly tormented about their appearance. I include myself in this category.

Negative body image is harmful because most people are more worried about how they appear on the outside rather than on the inside. People with negative body image see themselves as a distorted image of who they really are.  They feel awkward, uncomfortable, ashamed and self-conscious. They find themselves constantly compare themselves to others. Our Insecurities about our physiques are making the world more materialistic and fake day by day. Some of my classmates look down upon themselves because they are not “pretty enough”, or they are “not skinny” enough. Taking in mind that negative body image is unisex and affects a vast majority of boys too. Negative body image is mostly seen in teenagers, with raging hormones and emotions, teens are quickly affected by what other think of as the status quo. This is quite common in the ISM community. We are driven by the standards of supermodels, brands and fashion icons. This can sometimes take a huge toll on teens, as some would rather obsess on clothes, makeup and social media, than focus on their studies.

I learnt that negative body image is a serious matter because it causes insecurity, jealousy, depression and sometimes eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.Sadly, studies show that in United States ¼  people suffer from depression over their appearance for at least a short period of time during their lives. ⅔  of those people consider suicide or develop eating disorders which affects the body negatively by inflicting dangerous  and severe diseases and symptoms. And in some critical cases eating disorders can lead to death. I also discovered that many teens as well as celebrities resort to drugs in order to look the way do. This issue affect millions of people, some of drastically than others. We can help each other fight this by promoting body positivity and changing our social and fashion standards to incorporate more body types. I feel that Wellness is a subject that helps us keep our bodies and minds healthy, if we learnt more about body positivity and acceptance, we as individuals could definitely benefit from it.




Alex Beuerle-Sleep

I chose this issue because I think sleep is very important for humans to keep on working without loosing energy. I am connected to this issue because I do not think I get enough sleep. I wake up at 5:30 A.M every day and I am also very tired so I think that is my body telling me that I need to sleep more. This issue of sleep is relevant to me because at my age I should be getting 10-11 hours of sleep each night but currently I only get 8.5 hours. Sleep Is a way your body recharges itself. Without sleep you would have a limited ability to learn and grow. It can also lead to aggressive or inappropriate behaviors. It is important that we get a lot of sleep because without it we would be unable to do then things we need to do.

I learned that sleep is actually very important. That if we don’t sleep enough we could just stop functioning. I also learned that we need about 10.5 hours for the ages of 13-14. My thinking of this issue is that sleep is way more important than we think it is. Millions of teens around the world get only 3/4 of the sleep they need. Sleep is probably one of the most blown off issues for kids our age.I used to think that sleep was a little important and that we needed about 9 hours, but after doing research on it I found out that sleep is way more important than I thought and that we need about 10.5 hours of sleep each night.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 5.18.59 PM

This picture Is related to my topic because it shows that sleep cannot just be a short rest. You must fully recover yourself each night.


Risk-Taking – Aakanksh

Teenagers are characterized by risk-taking behaviors that can sometimes lead to death. Some of these risk-taking behaviors are substance abuse, reckless driving, extreme sports and hooliganism. Teenagers know the dangers of risk-taking behavior. However, some of them continue to do so anyway.

It is my habit to observe the emotions and behavior of my schoolmates. This often serves to guide my own behavior. In my previous school, I particularly tried to stay away from a certain group of older kids. This group of teenagers spent their lunchtime talking dirty and breaking the rules deliberately. Once I heard a rumor that one of them had jumped over the school fence and jumped back in. They had got in trouble for it. They were infamous for doing many pranks, some of which went wrong and injured them or others. Some of my classmates looked up to them. I maintained my distance from these classmates.

Uncle Ben of the Spider-Man comics always says, “With great power comes great responsibility.” He may just be a comic book character, but this has influenced me greatly.

Teens who take too many risks may harm themselves as well as others who are not even involved. I am surrounded by teenagers. That is the reason this issue is relevant to me. In the past, some of my classmates did bad things which got the entire class in trouble as well.

This is a worldwide phenomenon. As the World Health Organization has mentioned in its 2014 report on Health for the World’s Adolescents, “An estimated 1.3 million adolescents died in 2012, mostly from preventable or treatable causes. Road traffic injuries were the leading cause of death in 2012, with some 330 adolescents dying every day. Other main causes of adolescent deaths include HIV, suicide, lower respiratory infections and interpersonal violence.” This information surprised me. Hence, I looked for more information. I found that this risk-taking behavior is because “many adolescents feel superior and invincible at some point in their teenage life. They have this superhero mentality where they think they cannot bleed and get injuries from impulsive activities… These risk-taking behaviors may be due to immaturity of that part of the brain that controls such kind of behavior.” As you can see in the picture below, teens like to take risks such as substance abuse where they drink or do drugs, or smoke.

Some degree of risk-taking may be fine. However, excessive risk-taking may affect not only the teenagers who take these risks but also their family members and friends due to lawbreaking, injuries or even deaths. Teenagers who love their family members and friends should be more responsible. This responsible behavior would come from:

(1) Developing our capacity to recognize our own and other people’s emotions and to use the emotional information to guide our thinking and behavior. This is called emotional intelligence.

(2) “Surround ourselves with people we like, who like us, and who like doing things” that are right. This is called avoidance of peer pressure.

The influence that my parents and my elder brother have had on me, make me believe that excessive risk-taking is not good for anyone. However, that does not mean that I need to stop myself from taking any risks, of course. Some degree of risk-taking is essential not only for succeeding in life (e.g., equity investments) but also for our survival (e.g., learning to swim.)


Isis – Lack of Sleep

lack of sleep

I chose lack of sleep because I often stay up late either doing stuff for school or for my personal things, for example Skyping with friends in different time zones (In my case Skyping with my friends from Panama). It affects me because I love having a lot of time to do anything I would like, but then I know that the next day I perform worse and can’t focus as well as when I sleep more. I also have difficulty sleeping at a regular time after I’ve stayed up late.  I know that it’s unhealthy and it makes you think unclearly. I also already knew that we need about 8-10 hours of sleep at least.  This connects to me, since on the weekend I stay up really late just to have a chance to chat with my friends. Then on school days I am tired and don’t perform very well. It also wears me out physically, for example after I sleep enough I feel like I have more energy and I feel like I am much happier than when I don’t have enough sleep. This is relevant to me, because as I have mentioned before I often don’t get sufficient amount of sleep. I think this is important because I can almost guarantee that we all have stayed up late at least once in our life, and I would love to know why everyone always says it’s so bad to our health. This affects teenagers because we have school to deal with as well as our own personal things that we deal with, like chatting with friends. We also have stress and stress and lack of sleep mashed together don’t have very healthy outcomes.

I learnt that multiple diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes can come from a lack of sleep! You also have similar symptoms to ADHD and you have memory loss. The most shocking thing I learned about lack of sleep if that it makes you more prone to accidents which can even cause death! My learning expanded because I now know that lack of sleep is not only very unhealthy for your body, since sleep allows it to heal, but it also can do serious damage to your body which could in some situations lead to early death. I think that more people should know about how dangerous it really is to be sleep deprived. Especially since it’s not so hard to avoid having to stay up to very late hours. Something unexpected was, as I mentioned before, early death since I never knew you could die simply from not sleeping enough. My thinking has changed because I used to think that lack of sleep would only make you feel tired and have bags underneath your eyes, but now I know lack of sleep has much more severe damages to the body. Some misunderstandings are that lack of sleep doesn’t do anything bad other than make you tired and have bags. Yet those are only some of the minor effects of not sleeping enough. Some problems are school work and wanting to talk with your friends on social media until late hours at night. Some solutions could be to try to avoid procrastination and to split your time in the day for chatting and for school work. This influences my thinking on wellness because our health is not only affected by obvious things like our diet and our physical activity but it is also affected by less obvious things like insufficient sleep, which can actually affect you more than you know.

Some of the diseases linked to lack of sleep include:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Attack
  • Heart Failure

So, in conclusion, not sleeping enough not only is very bad for you in general but it also messes with you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Itamar – Air Pollution

This is my presentation about air pollution.

As you can see in areas of South America and Australia  there is less pollution because there is a lot of jungles in those areas.

In north America  and Scandinavia there is a lot of places that no one live there so no  much air pollution.

But in China Europe and Asia there is a lot of factories and no so much empty place to live.

It happened when the air contains gases and dust in harmful amounts.

The effects from air pollution are

Long term:Respiratory infections, heart disease, stroke and lung cancer

Short term: difficulty in breathing, wheezing, coughing,  and asthma

Why is hepend?

There is 2 Reasons


volcanic eruption

Sand storm



gas from motor vehicle

Pollution from factoriesMap-2