Asthma HealthBuzz by N Vaikunt

I chose this issue because my dad has Asthma and I think I also have mild Asthma. Sometimes I can have some difficulty breathing, and also when I am sleeping I need high pillows in order to breath properly. This expands my learning because it can tell me what is actually happening in your body and what can be the symptoms if not properly taken care. This is relevant to me as when I was sleeping with a low pillow, I couldn’t properly breath so I had to add a few pillows and place it on top of each other, and after that I could breath properly. Another relevance to me is that when I had to the pacer test, after I did 10 laps I felt really out of breath, and had to slow down. Another relevance to me is that when I am playing my instrument, I cannot continuously play it otherwise I run out of breath. This is important because Asthma can be very deadly and sometimes people don’t even know that they actually have it. This affects teenagers because sometimes they don’t know if they have it then they will always will be having trouble breathing when doing physical activity. It also affects teenagers because all of a sudden they can have a Asthma attack, and they won’t know why this is happening, it will also affect them emotionally and mentally.


I learned that Asthma can be a very deadly and dangerous disease if not taken care properly. I also learned that if you get any symptom, you should immediately take action. My thinking of this issue is that it can be worrying and very dangerous if not treated, I think this issue should not be taken lightly as any symptom can be dangerous. My thinking has changed because before I thought Asthma could be taken lightly and that you don’t have to worry about it but know I realise that it is a very dangerous condition and it can be very deadly. My thinking has also changed because before I thought this was not a common condition but then when I was researching, I found out that over 26 million have Asthma in the U.S.A. This influences my learning about Wellness class because I learn more about our body and how it can be affected. This also influences my learning because I learned more about what dangers can be there for your health and how you can prevent it.



This picture is relevant to my issue because it shows a person who is inhaling but the person is having difficulty breathing because his lungs are blocked.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 10.33.46 AM

Asthma. Digital image. Pixabay. N.p., n.d. Web. 9 Mar. 2016.


Cinta- Social Media on Our Surroundings

I chose how social media affect my social relationship because I spend so much time on social media and there are many things I could relate to when it comes to how social media affects me on a daily basis. I’ve always been told to stop going on my phone because I can’t control myself when it comes to social media. It mostly affects my sleeping schedule and distracts me with my surroundings. Social media affects connecting me with my brothers and parents. My brother as an example, spends more time in social media than communicating with his friends and family because he’s unable to control himself. I know that social medias can affect on our surrounding by making the user’s goes on social media more and more as if they are under control of what they are doing. My connections to this issue is that social media made an impact in my life. As i’m a very active person on social media, it is important to me to know how the internet can change me. This issues can also effects other people and need  to be aware about these situations. Social media affects teenagers like me by can lose sleep, be less aware of what is happening in their own lives and how it can distract them by not doing their responsibilities.


I learned that there are more effects that changed me from going on social media.It makes me more aware of what I was doing in the past when these situations happened. For example, I did not realize I was distracted by going on my social media when I have to do schoolwork. My opinions changed when it comes to how much more I should be more aware of these effects so it will not effect me in the future. One interesting thing about this topic is that there are some people that were unable to be alone without social media, one thing that I can relate to in some situations. I’m more aware now about these effects, this will be applied in the future such as, when someone  tells me to leave my phone, I will. Other interesting fact that i learned was that on average, a person would spend 4 years of their lives looking down at their phones. The amount of hours spent increase every year too. From doing research my opinion changed from something I thought was the complete opposites.People often mistaken social media as a place where people connect, which was true. Although, social media was made to prevent people from talking to each other, which was the opposite of what was happening to many people right  now.

Benefits of Playing Sports – Victor Emil Theisen

I chose this issue because I play different sports every single day, so I wanted to find out the benefits of doing sports, to know what is actually happening to my body when I do sports. My family and I are very engaged in doing sports which cause us to be very healthy. From past experience, I know that sports are excellent for your body and for your overall health. In PE and at home, I have often been taught (like many other kids) to exercise, and I have been told that it is beneficial for my body, so now I want to know what actually happens to my body when exercising (doing sports). Doing different sports are a very big part of my life, and I love doing exercises, but I want to know the outcomes of doing sports. Unfortunately, many teens do not do as much exercise as you’re required to. This cause teen obesity to be a huge issue globally.

I learned a lot from this topic, e.g some research has found that kids that play sports, especially girls, are more likely to have a positive body image and higher self-esteem. They are also less likely to be overweight (huge issue worldwide). This particular knowledge might not apply to me but doesn’t mean it’s not important. If I were to pick a benefit of doing sports, which I could apply in the future, it would be the fact that kids involved in sports are less likely to take drugs or smoke because they realize the impact that these destructive activities can have upon their performance. I used to think that doing sports was a fun thing to do for some people while other people like to stay inside and become obese because sports weren’t something you were forced to do. I also learned by doing exercise, it helps you to stay more alert. Abusing drugs to becoming pregnant are all factors of what can be prevented, by accident, when doing sports. I think that doing exercise is an excellent way to maintain a healthy body. Also, I think doing sports can help you avoid from ending in an awful situation. I was shocked when I found out that you can avoid random pregnancy when doing exercise. That is very useful for women, especially. They can avoid getting a kid they didn’t expect, but now wait until they are ready for having a child. I used to believe that doing exercise only impacted your physical, I now know that by doing sports (exercising) you impact the 6 areas of health positively. Many people don’t believe that doing sports is a good source of being healthy. However, doing exercises (playing sports) is the perfect way of being more healthy. Unfortunately, people use the fact that you can get injured when doing sports, as their excuse. Injuries follow along with sports, however, it often also depends on which sport you are doing. E.g playing rugby you’re more likely to get injured because of all that physical contact. However, by playing golf, it’s an individual sport where you’re less likely to become injured. I always knew wellness was a good way of teaching about your overall health. I also knew that sports were good for your overall health. Now I know that doing sports is affecting the 6 areas of health positively while you can avoid unpredicted mistakes. such as random pregnancy, and finally, it could potentially prevent an early decline.


Concussions – Andrei

I chose the issue of concussions to learn more about what I see on local news, like a short documentary on it or where a college athlete is out for a season due to this cause. Concussions do have an affect on teens and their families, excluding mine because I don’t play contact sports. Before having further research on this topic, I only know that concussions will have further affect on the brain, like dizziness and confusion. Watching football makes me think about how much they get mentally instead of physically injured. Teenagers may play contact sports like American football and/or rugby, and the certain levels of tangency can cause brain damage, leading to negative academic affects and memory loss.

Concussions, or TBI (traumatic brain injury), changes the way your brain that changes the way your brain operates, such as disrupting normal functions. It is mostly caused by a sudden blow to the head, or by simply falling head first or any other scenario that may shake the brain. Know I know that there are different levels of concussions may result in a knockout, but only for a short amount of time. After-signs of a concussion include, as I mentioned earlier, dizziness, confusion, along with nausea, blurred vision, ringing in ears, and more. Even though heavy padding is required for American football, I believe that some sort of cushion should be added to the helmets to prevent TBI. What was surprising was that football players get around 300,000 concussions a year, and do not do permanent damage. Symptoms can last only up to 7-10 days. Truly, concussions should be avoided at all times, even though symptoms do not last long, which people often think. Problems on this situation, as mentioned earlier, can affect academic performance because it is a brain injury, which is self-explanatory for this problem. Concussions do have an impact on our lives (although you can fully recover) and should influence us to prevent them from affect our brains which might shape our lives, and those persistent with their sports that involve tackling, clashing, and blocking must be aware of the danger they will face when it’ll be too much.

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Two backs of the Carolina Panthers hit a Tennessee Titans player in the head.

Philip – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

I chose the issue of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma because My friend Rihanna Arcos, who has been a part of our family for several years in the Philippines was diagnosed with Stage 3 Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma 2 years ago. Since that time, I have been interested to know more about her condition and how it’s treated. This affected my family and I by making us more aware of the life changing possibilities that could happen to us very quickly. Before I really went in-depth into this form of cancer, I knew that when you get cancer and you go through chemotherapy, the most physically drastic change is that your hair falls out. My grandmother had cancer and thats what happened to her. I figured this connection out through my grandmother. This was really important to my family and I because we care about Rhianna and we want to make sure that she stays healthy physically and mentally. Having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma really effects teens in really atrocious ways. Having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma really effects teens because of the rapid body growth teens experience during adolescence. Having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma prevents you from going to school and interacting with other people the way you normally would because of their hospitalization.

Something I learned about this issue was how people with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma have abnormal cells called Reed-Sternberg cells in their lymph nodes. I expanded my learning on Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by reasserting questions about the topic and learning along with the questions being answered. One thing that surprised me the most about Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was how many people are effected by it alone in the United States. I think my thinking has changed by making me more aware of what can happen to people who have to deal with these life threatening diseases. I can apply this thinking process to other people who are experiencing other life threatening diseases. I think some misunderstandings about Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and any form of cancer is that is a death sentence. A large percentage of people with cancer survive and Surgery or needle biopsy can disturb cancer cells, causing them to spread to other parts of the body. Fortunately, their is ways to stop the excess growth of cancer cells in the body through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, steroids and stem cell transplants. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma influences my thinking of wellness by allowing me to think how fortunate I am not to have a disease like Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and it makes me wonder how Rihanna would have even got it.CDR576466


Yoyo – How Sleep can Affect your Overall Wellbeing

I chose this issue because this is somewhat of a common problem that a lot of people have. This affects my family because a majority of my family sleep late like my dad,mom, and my big sister. I know that sleeping late can cause you to lose focus in school, causes you to feel sleepy, and can impact your productivity in places you have work at like school and jobs. This connects to my previous learning because we have reviewed this concept with previous wellness semesters. This is relevant to me because my family usually sleeps late at times. This affects teenagers because a majority of teenagers have to sleep really late and this is a very bad habit.


I learned that the short term effects of sleeping less can increase stress and disturb your mood

Long term effect can heighten risk for diabetes, Increase risk for breast cancer, Decrease immune factor, obesity, and major depression. It can affects your social wellbeing to others like loved ones and friends. This expanded my learning because i never knew that sleeping less had very devastating long term effects. I think this issue is a real problem because there are several people who sleep late. With this knowledge I can warn my family that sleeping late has several negative effects that can affect your overall wellbeing. Some misunderstandings about sleeping late is, as you grow older you can sleep later, People sleep late on weekends to make up for lost sleep during the weekdays, Staying up an hour does not make a difference, and sleep is for resting, and much much more misconceptions. These misconceptions are what some people believe are true because most people spread these misconceptions. Some solutions for these misunderstandings are spreading the truth and importance of sleeping. This influenced my thinking towards wellness because without wellness i would not care much about how long I sleep as much as I do now.  


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