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I chose to research the topic of depression because with all of the problems concerning our grade level, I think that many people are exposed to the causes of depression and therefore are vulnerable to depression. This issue relates to me because I notice that there are many decisions and situations in life that could ruin my family’s relationship, or my own personal interests. I also notice that there are many areas where large amounts of stress are exerted. Being exposed to these types of situations are telltale signs that I am liable to depression. Before I started researching about depression, I knew that depression started off by growing from outside sources(traumatic experiences), but becomes self-sufficient by damaging the person’s self esteem. I also knew that it affects one’s mental and physical health, and that the victim can be left sad and angry. The connections between my past learning and this topic is that I’ve also assumed that cases come from failing to break bad habits, such as procrastination, disorganization, and shyness. This issue is relevant to today’s problems, not only because we are studying self respect now, but also because there are many social problems in our grade level that makes us vulnerable and this is an important issue because of its effects. Depression can tempt teenagers into suicidal actions, could damage their education, and could hurt their relationships.



When people are depressed, they seem to lack effort in continuing to live their life, and they waste their time thinking about all their trouble. This picture represents that by using an example. After researching, I’ve learned that not only does this issue have a resounding impact, but many of our population today is at risk of developing depression, and is liable to many of its symptoms. This learning experience reminded me to think about the impact of the concepts we are learning, and how that knowledge can be applied to real life.
In my opinion, I think that this issue should be a top priority for building our society because there is no use is raising a generation that quits at every turn & is not self confident. What surprised me when I was researching depression was how short some cases can be, and how there are different types of depressions that vary for different people. I now think of depression as not a symptom, but a disease on its own, dangerous and capable as a physical disease. The information I give can be used to help others who do have depression. A common misunderstanding is that it is a temporary and minor setback in life, but if not treated, depression can lead to life-changing consequences for the victim. Depression cannot be solved in a simple talk with someone about your problems, it must be resolved over time. Some problems with depressions is that its symptoms can be traumatic and permanent, but people today are focused on resolving these symptoms for others they trust, and their support allows one to gain more purpose in life. I now think that Wellness is taught to not only address many health issues, but also to resolve them and build relationships with the people around you so that you can work together to solve a problem.

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