Megh-Social Anxiety/Phobia

You can never relax. You are paranoid. You are always on edge.

This is textbook for people with social anxiety. They deal with it on a daily basis, and it is at a constant rate. No break, no nothing.

Social anxiety, or otherwise commonly known as social phobia is a chronic condition that deals with immense fear and apprehension. It’s basically when a person has an unnerving fears of social situations. People tend to be self-conscious and have a fear of being closely watched, judged, and criticized by others. The fear may be procreated or worsened by a lack of social skills or experience. Due to the fear, the person goes through social experience in great anguish, or avoids it all together. Plus, people with social anxiety disorder often suffer “anticipatory” anxiety, which is the fear of a situation before it even happens. Often times the fear is unreasonable, yet the person still is incapable of overcoming it.

I chose this topic for many reasons. For one, several of my family members have dealt with it, and it is certainly not a walk in the park. I always have wondered what exactly makes someone have anxiety, and whether it was a disorder or not. Growing up in a society where mental disorders are romanticized and sought after, I decided to see what it was really all about. In addition, this fits perfectly with our respect unit. It is imperative for us to acknowledge what other people may be going through and their experiences and troubles before we judge them.

This issue is very relevant to our current age. Many teenagers are faced with common things that may drive or create social anxiety. These may include bullying or embarrassing moments, all of which occur several times throughout adolescence. I had never truly known the enormity of the whole situation, but it turns out that about 3.7% of the U.S. population or approximately 11.8 million Americans are affected by anxiety disorder and social phobia per year. This makes us more prone to the disorder, because we are exposed to the causes nearly everyday.

My learning has changed immensely. I am now aware of another problem plaguing society, one with large effects sweeping our globe. Before, I was unaware of mental health and moreover how to respect people with certain disorders. Now, I have been able to walk through their shoes and know what it is truly like to experience this horrible disorder. This helps me gain a better insight on different people in the world, which can be applied to several areas in wellness.How-Social-Anxiety-Feels03

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