Pablo – Videogaming

I chose this topic videogaming because me as a person that enjoys “gaming” and puts lots of time into it I wanted to see how it has affected me and how it affects everyone. I looked up some “Pros and Cons”. Some Pros of videogaming are: You can make new friends, Play online with friends,, Improved focus, Sports games can increase physical activity because you might want to try out something you can do in a videogame for example a if in a Football/Soccer game like FIFA you like to do skills you might also want to do them in real life. And finally videogaming improves your decision making.

Yes, There are many Cons to videogaming. An obvious one is Bad eyesight this doesn’t mean that you put your eyes to gaming 1 hour and your blind it is only heavily affected if your a person who plays 12 or so hours a day everyday! ¬†Another Con is violence and agression in children and adults heavily linked to violent games which include: Shooting, Brutal death, Murder, etc. Child obesity is a huge part as children that spend hours gaming have no physical activity and it really affects them because physical activity is a very important thing in your lifestyle and sometimes videogames can prevent you from it. The biggest one is addiction because when playing a videogame you want to play more and more and this creates your cycle of playing and it creates all these bad things for you that affect you.

While researching onto videogames after years of playing them and im sure everyone has played a videogame for a while many times in their life and I don’t see myself any bad. I kinda have changed a little maybe i don’t know but I don’t see videogames a bad thing but neither a good thing. As long as your time on screen playing is regulated fairly everything is perfect!imgres

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