Yoyo – How Sleep can Affect your Overall Wellbeing

I chose this issue because this is somewhat of a common problem that a lot of people have. This affects my family because a majority of my family sleep late like my dad,mom, and my big sister. I know that sleeping late can cause you to lose focus in school, causes you to feel sleepy, and can impact your productivity in places you have work at like school and jobs. This connects to my previous learning because we have reviewed this concept with previous wellness semesters. This is relevant to me because my family usually sleeps late at times. This affects teenagers because a majority of teenagers have to sleep really late and this is a very bad habit.


I learned that the short term effects of sleeping less can increase stress and disturb your mood

Long term effect can heighten risk for diabetes, Increase risk for breast cancer, Decrease immune factor, obesity, and major depression. It can affects your social wellbeing to others like loved ones and friends. This expanded my learning because i never knew that sleeping less had very devastating long term effects. I think this issue is a real problem because there are several people who sleep late. With this knowledge I can warn my family that sleeping late has several negative effects that can affect your overall wellbeing. Some misunderstandings about sleeping late is, as you grow older you can sleep later, People sleep late on weekends to make up for lost sleep during the weekdays, Staying up an hour does not make a difference, and sleep is for resting, and much much more misconceptions. These misconceptions are what some people believe are true because most people spread these misconceptions. Some solutions for these misunderstandings are spreading the truth and importance of sleeping. This influenced my thinking towards wellness because without wellness i would not care much about how long I sleep as much as I do now.  


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