Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain – Natalie Gleyze


Here are some Social Media sites that students would easily recognize.

                                                                                                                                                        I chose this topic because I do spend a lot of time on the internet and social media. I’ve been  told to get off my phone because it’s rotting my brain or It’s disconnecting me from my surroundings.This topic not only affects me but it affects my family too. Both my parents and sister have devices that connect them to the interwebs, we use them whether for work or social time. Before my research I knew that social media can be really addicting for some people, I got really in depth with that part in my presentation. I learned that your brain acts the same way it does to drugs when addicted to social media and I can connect it to how your body reacts to certain drugs like alcohol, cigars and cocain. Considering that these drugs are very bad for your brain and body, it is important to pay attention to how much time you spend online. This topic is very sensitive to me because I am very social on the internet and sometimes I get carried away. It is important for me and other teenagers to be well informed on what can happen when social media takes over our lives. Teenagers like me can risk of having loss of sleep, getting distracted easily and they can even push aside responsibilities due to social media.

          I learned that social media can link the whole world together but at the same time separate us. People can be conversing online and having a good time but while others are so addicted that they forget there’s a real world right in front of them. In my opinion social media is a great invention, letting us interact with so many different people that it still amazes me, but not many teenagers these days know what’s happening to their bodies when there’s too much social media, not even me! Though social media isn’t that bad, studies have found that there is a statistical increase in successful partnerships that start online 一 surprising, right? Wait till you hear this one 一 heavy media users are much worse at multitasking than others because they get distracted easily. I really thought that being able to switch between work and websites helped boost multitasking, but again I was wrong, I have learned from this misunderstanding and will apply my new knowledge more often. We should lessen our use of gadgets to lessen how distracted we get. After researching about this topic I realized that, yes, eating healthy food and exercising regularly is considered healthy for your body, but controlling how much time you spend online is a big contributor to your health and wellness, too. So don’t ignore the fact that you spend 6 hours of your day on social media alone.

Grade Anxiety by: Marco YB

Study StressHow grade anxiety can affect teenagers.

 I chose grade anxiety as a topic because I feel that grades are given way too much importance causing feelings of anxiety.  At times, I find myself too focused on getting good grades that it limits my imagination and creativity and I even forget about actually learning.  Last semester, I got grades that were lower than what I expected and I started to get stressed.  I wanted to get exemplary grades rather than average ones.  Failure was one of the many things that was stuck in my head, I felt like I wasn’t smart enough to get good grades.  After knowing more about how grades should affect us opened my eyes to realize that getting low grades is not necessarily a failure.  When you fail, you should learn from your mistakes, accept your shortcomings and strive to do better.  

Grades are extremely important to students as they are perceived to be powerful numbers or letters that show how good they actually are.  That was my perception before I understood that grades are just one of the ways of giving students feedback on how they performed.  Grades affect different students in different ways, and we must learn how to tackle obstacles.  Let’s take a look at what happens when we feel like grades are the only things that make us special.

Grades are one of the major sources of stress and anxiety for teenagers.   Every teenager should know that getting straight A’s requires a ton of effort, less hours of sleep and even possibly less leisure time.  But in order to obtain good grades, you must learn to work hard and sacrifice pleasures such as playing online games, watching TV and chatting.

Grade anxiety is the feeling of nervousness, uneasiness and great obsessive worrying about performance and grades in school. These are very harmful as they may ruin a student’s learning experience.  It could be you losing the pleasure of learning or having no other interest besides learning.

One of the possible effects of this stress and anxiety is cheating. Sometimes students are tempted to cheat just to impress and convince people that they are smart. They cheat, because they feel that if they are not smart or do not shine in class, they’re a nobody.  But in reality, they are just cheating themselves.

Sometimes, when given a performance task, students tend to pick easier topics that they have already dealt with before, sometimes they may choose the shorter and more simple book.

It’s not always because they are lazy but it could also be because adults continuously remind them to get good grades, and they find it easier to get good grades with an easy topic.

Stress and anxiety are major problems of teenagers, not only are they tempted to cheat, or go with the easy path, but they can even suffer from physical stress symptoms like increased heart rate, hives or stomach aches.  They can even suffer from cognitive symptoms like worrying or being extremely aware of their performance.

During my research, I learned that a reaction to receiving bad grades was that there was always someone to blame, whether it be your parents, friends, siblings or even your teacher.  Teenagers are somehow able to come up with all these excuses pointing to other people other than themselves.  This is not right.  Grades may be the cause of all their anxieties but remember, it is all up to you to put the needed effort.

If you are too stressed out, reevaluate your goals.  Why are you in school?  Focus on learning and gaining competency instead of grades.  You can also talk to your teachers or guidance counsellors, they may be able to help you reduce your anxiousness and improve your academic performance.

I realised that learning is more important than getting good grades.  Gaining knowledge, applying and communicating what you learned is the essence of why we are in school.

Never forget that grades are an imperfect reminder of how much you actually learn.  


Stress by Anagha

I chose to do my health buzz on Stress, because almost everyone experiences it everyday in varying levels. My family is affected by it a lot, my parents constantly stress out over many things, by looking at the negative side of things. I, as a middle schooler, experience it everyday- from too much homework, to social issues and basically managing my time properly. I already knew, before researching on this topic, that stress can cause high cholesterol and depression. This issue is relevant to me because I wanted to learn more about it and tell others in my class about the negative and positive effects of stress. I wanted to convey that stress is not only a bad thing, it can also act as a motivator to help you perform at peak levels. Stress is an everyday thing for teenagers, and it puts them under depression and makes them grumpy in general, since they are always panicky and keep obsessing over small things. Teenagers face social issues, issues with family or issues with academic work. That is why it is important to have enough sleep take care of yourself and engage in lots of physical activity to lessen your rate of stress in general.

I learned that stress can also be a good thing, as it can motivate you to challenge yourself. I also learned some of the negative effects of stress- it can gradually wear down your immune system, lead to a worn out feeling and can affect your work and social life. Researching this helped me look at stress in a different way- stressing out in general is not a good thing and it is better to prevent it. Stress is something I see everyday, in my family and I think that it is very important to manage yourself, and take care of yourself and manage your time to lessen stress. Your attitude towards things also determines whether the stress factor can hit you hard or not. One surprising thing I learned is that stress can actually be good for you- as it acts like a motivator and helps you adapt and take challenges.

Some ways to prevent stress, as I said above would be to take care of yourself- eat balanced meals, get lots of sleep, manage your time and engage in lots of physical activity. Also, try not to drink caffeine. Caffeine gets you hyped up, and it doesn’t make you stressing out any better. Avoiding stress can make you a happier person in general, it can keep you relaxed and it helps you get more work done.

This picture below is a good example of the various things we stress over in our daily lives. Remember to manage your time, prioritize and take care of yourself and know that not everything can be done at one time.