Juvenile Arthritis – Arturo Contreras

These are words typically used to describe arthritis, or someone with it.

These are words typically used to describe arthritis, or someone with it.

Hello, my name is Arturo, and I would like to present today the health issue of Juvenile Arthritis. First of, this issue is important due to the fact that Juvenile Arthritis affects approximately 300,000 children in the US alone, which is 0.094 percent of the population. I picked this issue as I myself have a form of juvenile arthritis, not unlike those (approximate) 300,000 children. I had known that Juvenile Arthritis was something that was not uncommon amongst children of about my age, though I had not considered just how many people had actually suffered; however, though it is a big number considering that makes almost 0.1% of the population. I know that juvenile arthritis is an issue that many people know about, however, this shouldn’t be case, as juvenile arthritis is something that can leave children paralyzed, or with other serious issues. This issue is not a disease, but rather, it is an umbrella term, meaning it is used to describe the many autoimmune and inflammatory conditions or pediatric rheumatic diseases that can develop in children under the age of 16. This issue can affect teenagers, as you are technically considered a teen at age 13, and this just so happens to affect people of age 13; in addition, Juvenile Arthritis is at it’s strongest peak during teenage years. Overall, if I have learned anything, it’s the sheer amount of people that suffer from the same condition I have, and all I can do is to just keep on going on in life, and never stop, no matter how bad the pain may be. My thinking has changed a lot. Originally I didn’t know what Juvenile Arthritis really was, how many people suffered from it, or just how bad it was, but now, thanks to this research period, it’s really had the chance to influence the amount of appreciation I have about being healthy, and wellness overall. I didn’t think that Juvenile Arthritis would be all that bad, though now, in hindsight, it really didn’t sound all too great to begin with, I probably also didn’t really listen. To summarize, Juvenile Arthritis is an “umbrella term”, used to describe the many conditions or rheumatic diseases that children, and teens, can get; in addition, it’s a terrible thing to have to have, but it’s not deadly.


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