Lack of Sleep and Hallucinations – DIEGO.B

I chose the issue of LACK OF SLEEP and its symptom of HALLUCINATIONS. I chose to research on lack of sleep because it a very common issue we all go through in life due to school, work, and assignments. I also chose the symptom of Hallucinations because it is a very extreme or odd thing that happens and that is what interested me when I read on the symptoms of lack of sleep. The fact that you would hear, feel, and see things that aren’t there is creepy and severe which happened to certain people I know. I used to go to sleep almost every night from 10:00-2:00 all because of the assignments, work, tests, and the reviewing I had to do. I was so tired, I got symptoms like bad memory, being unable to function well, sleepiness, balance issue, yawning, micro sleep, and sometimes when I went to sleep at 2:00 I had moodiness where I was quick to anger (but thank God I didn’t go to sleep that late all the time). I knew the basics of lack of sleep like you need 7 hours of sleep (minimum) or you would have a hard time thinking during school/activities when you sleep late and wake up early, and that you would get microsleep (daydreaming/sleeping without knowing). I knew that Hallucinations were like mirages and that lack of sleep can cause dehydration but that was as much as I knew. I remember taking lessons about the brain and how sleep is a very important factor in daily life and how sleep helps develop our brain. But I never took any lessons or learned any topic related to Hallucinations and what it does to you. I also took lessons on the physical parts of the body but I was focused on the Nervous System (Brain, Nerves, and Eyes. This issue is relevant and common to almost everyone like my family, most of my friends, and me. People get very sleepy and tend to doze of easier.This happened to me a lot in class and in sports. For example I have events I need to attend the next but I am working on projects and stay up late and next morning I am to tired to get up. This is important because this is all to common for a lot of us. This affects teenagers because adolescence is our largest growth point in our life that affects us both mentally and physically and thats were is stress and work is also very imminent (but not the most stressed age group). Work gets harder and piles up more outside and inside of class. Sleep is like a battery in our lives, we drain that battery but we could get it recharged but sleep is our charger and when we can’t charge for the minimum time we would not function to our regular performance.

I learned that Lack of sleep is a very crippling and a dangerous issue we all face today. There are many people that are affected by this issue. I learned that lack of sleep is more dangerous than you and a lot of people thought because if you suffer from it, it can cause many sever symptoms and the most severe is death. I learned that this could be very detrimental to your mind if you suffer from this problem. If you have lack of sleep, it can cause hallucinations and emotional break-downs, to name a few symptoms. Learning about lack of sleep expanded my knowledge of how common this problem is and how deadly this can be to people. Before learning about this, I didn’t think that it was a serious issue because I always thought that people could go on a long time without sleep and that they could always catch up with their lack of sleep. I learned about the serious and severe symptoms that lack of sleep can cause as well. My opinion is that lack of sleep is common among many people because everyone has deadlines that they need to meet and not enough time to do it. I think that this issue is unsolvable because it’s an everyday problem and sleep is not a priority to many people. I was surprised how severe and deadly lack of sleep could be. I never realized that the lack of sleep over a period of time could result into someone’s death. My opinion has changed because I take lack of sleep more seriously now. I know that there are serious consequences to not being able to sleep and I think that we should make it into a priority. To apply it to new situations, we should manage our time and force ourselves to hurry our work and make it on time so that we can sleep. One of the misunderstandings of this issue is that people always think that if they just sleep for 7 hours a day, they are okay. This is a misconception because for kids they need 10 hours a day to be able to function at full capacity while adults need 8 hours a day. Another misconception is that people can catch up on the hours they lost in their sleep but because they lose many hours, they can only slowly regain those hours back and it won’t be all at once. One problem is that people stay up late to finish or accomplish their work and tasks. They don’t make sleep a part of their schedule or priority. One way to solve this is that they can manage their schedule and time and add sleep into their schedule. This will help them make sleep into a priority. This issue influences my thinking about wellness by understanding that sleep needs to be a priority in my life. Sleep is an important part of being healthy and should be given enough recognition and time so that I can truly be healthy.