OCD- Johanna

The reason why I chose this issue is because I find myself being too much of a perfectionist at times, such as when I do my school work or when I’m doing an art project. For a while I had always thought that I had OCD but with this research I have come to a conclusion that I don’t have it. I feel that I can connect to this issue because of the familiarity of it, and of how it reflects my “perfectionist” trait, but yet not in the extreme levels of OCD. A person with OCD also pushes away their important daily activities just to satisfy their OCD compulsions and obsessions, such as setting aside homework or important exercising. To connect to my previous learning with the components of fitness unit, I can say that with OCD it can affect your physical health just as much as your mental health due to your procrastination of important daily activities like exercising. From the components of fitness unit I’ve also learned that daily exercising is essential to your health.This issue is important for teenagers to know because it causes behavioral problems, and can allow the person to have severe anxiety and stress. A teenager with OCD can be very hard especially between the ages of adolescence, this is because their self-esteem can get very low due to all of their anxiety and stress.


In this photo it shows a man trying to cut the grass precisely and perfectly.

In this photo it shows a man trying to cut the grass precisely and perfectly.

From this issue I learned that OCD can be coming from people who look completely normal and who look just like you and I. I realized that I should be more open minded in judging someone else’s wellness rather than only judging their wellness based on what I can see physically. Due to an OCD victim’s anxiety and stress, it decreases their mental wellness. Researching this issue has expanded my learning on OCD because before I’ve always thought that OCD was just someone who was really organized and overcontrolling, now I’ve come to realize that this disorder can seriously affect your mental health and entire mentality. My thinking has changed since this research because I now understand the struggles that these people have to go through everyday with their anxiety. I’ve always been like this at times where I have to repeatedly do an action so that I can relieve the anxiety of not doing it. From this research, I’ve learned to connect to this issue at a much deeper understanding.

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