Down Syndrome- Maryam

I chose down syndrome as my topic because I have heard it around but I never knew what it was. I also chose it because it affects my family as one of my grandmother’s had it Though down syndrome is not inherited from your family, it was tough to have someone in your life that you loved and got close to while you still knew they would leave you very soon. It was even more devastating for me because I was only around 3 years old when she passes away. I knew that most people who had down syndrome had almond shaped eyes, but that’s all I really knew. A connection of mine to down syndrome as I already mentioned before was my family. Another connection is that my aunt works at home for the people with these kinds of disorders. She often tells us how hard it can be to work at that kind of environment and it makes you really sad because you know everyone there won’t get to live out their lives properly. Down syndrome connects to my previous learning because we learned how important exercise is for people, especially adolescents and pubescents. However if someone has down syndrome it is very dangerous for them to exercise because their maximum heart rate can only be 170-175. People with down syndrome have a special exercise plan made for them specifically so they cannot do most of the things we do. Reflecting back to my knowledge about physical fitness, I also know that if you don’t exercise it makes you depressed which can sometimes happen to down syndrome patients. It is important to know about down syndrome because we need to be aware how to deal with these situations if it ever happen to us or someone we care about. Down syndrome affects teenagers because down syndrome patients have difficulty keeping themselves in shape throughout their lives and will probably not be fit enough to even do simple everyday tasks.

This photo represents how a down syndrome kids looks different but is different in many more ways than that.

I learned so many new things about this issue. I learned that down syndrome is not only causes physical changes in your body, but it also takes a toll on your mental health. This expands my learning because now I know how many people go through these kinds of things. Not only is it very hard for them but it is extremely difficult for their family. I think that eventually when we have a safe we to modify genes, we will be able to fix this disorder for many people. It is very interesting that a lot of people with down syndrome have speech problems and behavioral issues because you would not have thought about how having all of these issues make them unable to do so many things. My thinking has changed because I understand how random the changes in you genetic structure are and what they can do to you. I can apply my learning to new situations because I can be more open-minded towards a lot of health issues.

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