ADHD By Diana Romualdez


This image relates to the issue because it shows what people who have ADHD usually have to go through on a daily basis.

I chose this issue because I thought it would be an interesting topic to talk about since many children and teens are dealing with it today. I didn’t know much about ADHD at first, all I knew was that people who have ADHD have a hard time focusing in school. I connect to this topic because I know a few people who have ADHD. This issue is important to me because there are many people struggling with ADHD but not many people know what it is, so people have a hard time understanding the person who has the disorder. ADHD can affect teenagers in many ways. It just doesn’t affect your school life but it can also affect their personal and social life. Teens with ADHD might have a tendency to act impulsive, or not think through decisions. Most teens with ADHD also have a hard time controlling their emotions.

I learned that there are different types of ADHD, and that it doesn’t just affect how you do in school but it also affects many different areas of your life. I think that most people who have ADHD go through a really hard time in school because they aren’t able to focus as well as the others, and at school some people don’t understand that. What was surprising about this issue to me is that ADHD was one of the most common disorders among children. One of the big misunderstandings about people who have ADHD is that they can’t focus at all. People with ADHD can focus on a few activities that they’re interested in There are a few solutions for ADHD, however these solutions wouldn’t be able to remove the disorder completely. These solutions are here to help children, teens and adults brains function normally. One of the solutions is by taking medication which may cause some side effects, but there are also a bunch of other natural treatments.